Fischer Environmental Services is among the first Pest Management Company in the nation to be awarded the Gold Standard Level by the E.P.A. in their Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). This award follows the “Champion of the Environment” award received by Fischer that has only been given to five pest control companies in the history of the E.P.A. The Gold Level represents and requires;

  • Demonstrate significant and sustained progress in reducing pesticide risk
  • Give back to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) community, for example, through technology transfer or lessons learned about specific Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics
  • Submit an annual report containing quantitative performance data E.P.A. officials in their PESPWIRE news said “In Fischer’s PESP Strategy the company pledged to reduce or eliminate all broadcast applications through use of targeted precise applications, target residential structures for environmental modification, increase customer awareness of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concepts, increase technician training in exclusionary practices and eliminating the use of any chemical with a higher than “caution!” label, and achieve a 50% reduction in caution label use.”

Bob Kunst, President of Fischer, said “We are very proud of our company achieving the Gold Level as so few Companies in the United States have done so. In order to reach that level the E.P.A. requires outside independent verification of all of our commitments. Some of the things we needed to do were to reduce or eliminate all broadcast applications in Fischer’s lawn care and horticultural division, and include soil aeration on all accounts which grant permission.” “We had to target precise application, by only utilizing baits, aerosol crack and crevice equipment, pheromone traps, glue boards, and mechanical traps, and removing all liquid compressed air sprayers from residential pest control accounts. We must also survey each and every residential account with our “Fischer Residential Integrated Pest Management Survey. This survey is used on every service and outlines the areas of the home that need structural modification, sanitary improvements or mechanical corrections.”

“We also had to establish an outreach program for multi-family housing clients. This outreach program prepares and distributes a “Helpful Hints” brochure to the residents of the multi-family housing units Fischer services. Furthermore, Fischer schedules a series of presentations to the owners and management firms of these multi-family housing units to educate them about sanitation and exclusion in maximizing their investment in pest control.” The E.P.A has established internet links for more detailed information about the Gold Level Standard and ways to reduce the environmental impact of pesticides here.

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Fischer Achieves E.P.A. Gold Level Standard and Recognized as PESP ‘Member of the Month’

MANDEVILLE, La. — Fischer Environmental Services was recently honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) as its PESP ‘Member of the Month” for the company’s outstanding achievements in stewardship and sustainability and was among the first Pest Management Companies in the Nation to achieve the Gold Level Standard in the PESP program.

“I’m very excited about this award,” said Bob Kunst, president of Fischer Environmental Services. “My crew has worked very diligently to make this happen.” PESP, which stands for Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, was begun in 1994 as a voluntary partnership aimed at reducing the risks associated with pesticide usage. Member organizations of PESP, range from electrical cooperatives to agricultural and environmental organizations, pest management firms to food processing companies, and more. Currently over 18,000 Pest Management Firms qualify for membership but must apply and comply with the E.P.A.’s guidelines. “The E.P.A. wants to encourage as many Pest Management firms that can, to join the PESP Program. The program consists of three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To join, any firm must go to the E.P.A.’s web site fill out the application and then follow the steps indicated or join NPMA and becomes a GreenPro certified company”, Kunst said “the benefits of the gold level including the use of the E.P.A. PESP Logo is tremendous”. If a company is not GreenPro certified, the minimum time it will take to achieve Gold Level status is three years.

Kunst said he’s proud of his company’s involvement in the PESP program, which dates back to 2001, and he believes PESP has been beneficial not only to Fischer, but for the pest control industry as a whole. Kunst recalled that when the PESP program was introduced, his company’s service professionals were skeptical that it would provide extra value, “but what we’ve discovered is just the opposite,” he said. “As we’ve aged in the program, people kept coming back and looking for ways to improve (e.g., better exclusion practices).

“Plus, it’s been a real benefit because the consumer has become re-engaged with us. We’ve always had quality assurance programs, but it had gotten to the point with quarterly programs where you would just spray the outside and you weren’t having conversations. Now, you have to have those conversations because you are doing residential inspections. We may not apply pesticides, but we are in (customer’s homes) talking with people. It’s helped with customer cancellations and it’s helped with allowances. People like having those conversations with their pest control technicians.”

This increased communication, Kunst believes, is major factor in the company having reduced its cancellation rate (measured monthly); which Kunst said is 0.78 percent. Additionally, Kunst said Fischer Environmental Services has 4,907 “green” accounts — which they define as accounts in which “physical, non-chemical measures are applied as an alternative to chemicals” — and of those 4,907 accounts the frequency of retreatments per service is .00834 percent. E.P.A. commended Fischer’s efforts promoting integrated pest management and environmental stewardship, citing the company’s 2007 PESP Strategy in which Fischer pledged to: 1. Reduce or eliminate all broadcast applications through use of targeted precise applications. 2. Target residential structures for environmental modification. 3. Increase customer awareness of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concepts. 4. Increase technician training in exclusionary practices and eliminate the use of any chemical with a higher than “caution” label. 5. Achieve a 50% reduction in caution label use by going to essential plant oil formulations which fall under the “generally regarded as safe” or 25b category. E.P.A. also cited Fischer’s IPM efforts in post-Hurricane Katrina affected areas in New Orleans and metro vicinities. Fischer adapted a business plan to fit a new environment to respond to dire pest problems in these areas. Rats were a huge problem and some of the most rat-infested sites were abandoned private properties — homes and businesses. For example, a major frozen storage facility was under water for days, resulting in decomposing chickens and sides of beef to the delight of thousands of rats and the migraines it caused the clean up contractor. Through various private partnerships, Fischer received donated bait stations and baits for homes that could not afford the company’s fees.

Fischer has always cared about the environment. . .


Sept. 1, 2004

On behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), I congratulate Fischer Environmental Services Inc., on being selected as a 2004 PESP Champion. Fischer’s PESP strategy for the 2003/2004 reporting cycle demonstrates outstanding achievement in promoting the reduction in the total amount of pesticides, rodenticides, fungicides and herbicides used per customer account while increasing efficacy.

We commend Fischer Environmental Services Inc. for using a multi-tiered approach including:

Reduction or elimination of all broadcast applications.
Use of targeted precise applications.
Targeting residential structures for environmental modification.
Increasing customer awareness of Integrated Pest Management concepts.
Increasing technician training in exclusionary practices.
Eliminating the use of any chemical with a higher than “caution!” label.

Again, please accept our congratulations on being recognized as a 2004 PESP Champion. The enclosed plaque is a token of our appreciation for all your efforts aimed at pesticide risk reduction.


Stephan Morrill, Chief Environmental Stewardship Branch Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division


New designation highlights corporate commitment within the pest management profession to controlling household pests while also addressing environmental concerns.

Mandeville, LA – The movement toward “going green” has significantly influenced businesses ranging from construction to printing and now, pest management. As green services become a preferred choice among customers, Fischer Environmental is proud to announce its new designation from the National Pest Management Association as “GreenPro.” This designation not only reflects Fischer Environmental’s exceptional pest management services, but more, its commitment to cultivating an environmentally‐responsible business. “Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking pest management methods that not only address their household pest problems, but also, address their concerns regarding the protection of the environment,” says President, Robert Kunst. “In proactively seeking – and receiving – our GreenPro designation, we are not only responding to the need to be environmentally sensitive but also to the fact that 61% of consumers seek out pest control services they perceive as “green.”

GreenPro services offered by Fischer Environmental include:

  • Fischer’s Pest Prevention Program
  • Fischer’s Organic Lawn Care Program
  • Fischer’s Termite Protection Program

“As a designated member of GreenPro, we are fully committed to providing customers not only with outstanding services, but outstanding green services,” commented Kunst. “We recognize that our customers want to be confident that the services performed in their homes are environmentally sensitive. Fischer Environmental can assure customers of this as our practices and our business philosophy reflect green thinking.” For more information regarding green initiatives within the pest management industry, please visit Fischer Environmental, and For further information on GreenPro, please visit