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Termites – A Threat to More Than Just Your Home

January 29, 2018By
Termite infestation

What comes to mind when you hear the word “termites”? If you’re like most Louisiana residents, it’s the horrible thought of damage to your home. You likely imagine hordes of the little insects quietly chewing away at the supports inside your walls and under your floors. You’re also thinking about the cost involved – the […]

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New Orleans Termite Swarming Season Comes Early for 2018

January 22, 2018By
Early termites appear in a local Sentricon system

In most years, Louisiana residents don’t need to worry about termites swarming until the month of April or May. However, 2018 is different – termites will be swarming early this year. Whether you’re over in Lakeview, in NOLA proper, in Mid-City or elsewhere, termites pose a very real, and very early, threat to your home. […]

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Do You Have Rats or Mice, and Why the Difference Matters

January 15, 2018By
Rat Control

Rodents have lived with humanity for millennia. From the common house mouse to rats, they share our environments, and often go with us as we travel. In fact, humans were responsible for introducing rodents like rats to ecosystems where they had never existed before. Today, we still share a close relationship with both mice and […]

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Does Cold Weather Really Kill Bugs?

January 8, 2018By
Formosan termites hibernate underground

For most of us in southern Louisiana, winter is more than a respite from the heat. It’s a chance for plants to renew their strength, and for living things to slow down and rest. It also supposedly marks a time of the year when insects go dormant, and if the temperature drops low enough, die […]

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Winter Tree Fertilization

December 28, 2017By
tree fertilization

  Believe it or not, winter is the right time of year to start fertilizing your trees for new growth in the following spring. The reason? You want the tree to have time to soak up all those nutrients and start metabolizing them, before the spring growth begins. Here at Fischer, our customized tree care […]

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Do Louisiana Snakes Hibernate in Houses?

December 20, 2017By
snake removal

Every Louisiana native knows that snakes are simply a part of life here. Between the many marshes, swamps, and ponds all around the state, and the warmer weather than states farther north, snakes are pretty happy to make their home in the deep south. But what happens when the snakes start to get a little […]

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Introducing Odontomachus, or Trap Jaw Ants

December 13, 2017By
trap jaw ant

  Trap jaw ants are unlike any other ant you may have ever seen – which is a bad thing, but also makes it easy to identify this invasive species. They originated from South America, and have been spreading across the Gulf Coast like wildfire in the recent past. Identifying the Trap Jaw Ant The […]

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Keeping Your Lawn Intact During Winter

December 10, 2017By
lawn care

Most people don’t think about their lawns much in the winter. When you don’t spend as much time outside, it’s easy to forget that your lawn still needs some attention. Those healthy, lush summer laws that you see at the start of every warm season don’t just happen by themselves; they are the product of […]

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It’s Rodent Season for Metro NOLA Homes – Here’s What to Do

October 27, 2017By
It’s Rodent Season for Metro NOLA Homes – Here’s What to Do

Did you know that autumn is what we call “rodent season” in the pest control industry? It’s true! For homes in the metro New Orleans area, this is the time of year when you’re about to start seeing rodents in your home. Do you know why and what to do? Why Fall Brings Rodents into […]

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Keeping Roaches at Bay This Fall

October 20, 2017By
Keeping Roaches at Bay This Fall

Some people say that cockroaches will survive the apocalypse. And perhaps it’s because these creepy crawlers are smart – especially when the temperatures in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi start to drop. As fall approaches and our weather gets more mild, cockroaches like to set up shop – in your home! Cockroaches are known to multiply, […]

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