10 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

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Read these 10 tips you can do on your own for keeping pests out of your home in between pest control service calls.

Our job at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” is to get rid of pests from your home and make sure they stay out. And while our technicians will work as hard as necessary to make sure this happens, there are some things you can do on your own to help prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place.

Here are 10 really useful pest prevention tips that can help you reduce the risk of infestation throughout the entire year.

Tip #1 – Extend Your House Cleaning to the Lawn

Spring is a time when many common house pests are the most active. You can reduce your risk of infestation by including a few lawn care activities to your list of spring cleaning responsibilities. Cleaning up your yard includes keeping grasses and shrubs trimmed, and removing grass, leaves, and wooden debris from the foundation of your property. This is also a good time to clean out your gutters and repair broken downspouts.

Tip #2 – Inspect Your Home for Signs of Wood Rot

Many different types of insects, including termites, silverfish, and ants, are attracted to homes that have moisture problems. You can identify these issues by inspecting your house for signs of wood rot. During this process, it can help to open vents in your basement or crawlspace in order to stop moisture from the building.

Tip #3 – Clean Winter Clothing Before You Store Them

You can protect your clothing, and your home, by cleaning your winter clothing before storing it away. Moths are attracted to clothing that has been stored away that has accumulated perspiration.

Tip #4 – Keep Your Foods from Becoming Food Sources for Insects

Kitchens are prime locations for insect infestations because that is where pests can access foods such as flour, cereals, sugars, and other foods that are stored in cardboard boxes or paper bags. You can cut the pests off from these foods by storing these food items in airtight containers and sealable bags. It is also important to clean kitchen counters and floors frequently in order to eliminate any crumbs from accumulating.

Tip #5 – Protect Pet Food

Just as insects will feed on your food, they will also feed on your pet’s food. Pet food should be stored in sealed glass or plastic containers instead of the bags that they typically are sold in. To further discourage insects, only leave food out during feeding times instead of leaving full bowls of pet food out all of the time.

Tip #6 – Check Your Pets After Outdoor Playtime

After you take your pets out for a walk or let them go outside to play, inspect them before bringing them back into the house. Make certain that they have not picked up any fleas or ticks during their time outside.

Tip #7 – Do Not Store Wood Close to the House

For the sake of convenience, many homeowners store firewood right next to their home, often adjacent to the structure. While this is more convenient for you, it also makes it more convenient for spiders, beetles, roaches, and termites to move from your wood to your house. Firewood should be stored as far from the foundation of your house as possible.

Tip #8 – Be Careful How You Store Paper and Cardboard

Many people keep extra newspapers, grocery bags, and cardboard boxes either in their garages or in kitchen cabinets. These stacks can become great food sources and hiding places for many different insects and rodents.

Tip # 9 – Sealing All Cracks and Crevices

You can reduce the risk of pest infestations by eliminating all of the possible entry points. This can be accomplished by using putty or caulking to seal openings around plumbing fixtures, outlets, switches, open spaces around your baseboards, and any other cracks throughout your home.

Tip #10 – Vacuum Under All Appliances and Furniture

The bottoms of appliances, such as refrigerators, often get neglected when it comes to vacuuming, and they become the perfect place for insects to hide and flourish. Vacuuming under appliances and cleaning coils can also help make your items operate more efficiently.

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