5 Facts about Cockroaches You Didn’t Know

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Cockroaches are one of the most revolting insects to exist, and also one of the hardest to exterminate. Not only do these insects look unattractive in your home, but they also pose health hazards to your loved ones. Cockroaches carry 33 kinds of bacteria that include E. coli and salmonella. These insects can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Because of these health risks, you need to clean your surroundings to get rid of these pests in your home.

Aside from cleaning your home regularly, it also pays to know a few things about cockroaches so that you will know what approach to take when exterminating these pests from your home. Here are 5 facts about cockroaches you probably didn’t know.


There are thousands of species

Cockroaches belong to the order of Blattaria. According to entomologists, there are almost 5,000 species of cockroaches. Thirty of these cockroach species can be found in human dwellings, and are considered as pests. These pest species are carriers of various diseases because they are usually found among trash areas and waste deposits. Other cockroach species are actually beneficial to the environment because they recycle organic wastes. The most common species is the German cockroach while the American cockroach is the largest of the house-dwelling species. The giant burrowing cockroach from Queensland, Australia is considered the heaviest species, although it is not considered a pest. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is one of the larger and louder species of cockroach as it produces a hissing sound whenever it breathes through its spiracles.


They can live without their heads

Did you know that the blaberid species of cockroach can live without its head for a month while the German cockroach can live without its head for a week? What makes the cockroach unique is that it is not dependent on its head for survival. Most of the cockroach’s neural functions are located within the thoracic ganglia, which allows the head to be dispensable. It is also poikilothermic in nature, meaning that as a cold-blooded pest, it can survive without food for a very long time, as long as the temperatures are cold enough. A cockroach has an open circulatory system which allows it to function very well even with low blood pressure. Death from decapitation only happens when there is an infection or a prolonged water loss.

They can go without breathing for a long time

A human being needs a nose and a head in order to breathe in oxygen. Compared to human beings, the tiny but mighty cockroach does not need a brain nor does it depend on a nose to breathe. Instead, it has small holes all over its body called spiracles which it uses to breathe in air. They can actually go for a long time without the need to breathe.

They move fast

A cockroach can scuttle away from a predator at lightning speeds of 3 mph. This is because it has excellent coordination skills between the eyes and the legs. Whenever a cockroach senses danger, it automatically sends a warning to the thoracic ganglia, which then controls the leg muscle reflexes, allowing the insect to detect the presence of a predator and scurry away to avoid capture.

They can’t go without water

Although a cockroach can survive a long time without food, it cannot survive without water and will probably die from thirst within one week of not having a water supply. So if you want to get rid of these pests, one way to do this is to remove their sources of water by draining your sink, wiping off liquids from counters, and removing standing water from flower pots and pet bowls.

Ridding your home of cockroaches can be a challenge—but it can be done. While cockroaches eat almost anything, these pests consider human food attractive more than anything else, which is why you will almost always find them in your dirty sink, pantry, and trash bins. They also love moisture, which is why they love to stay in your bathrooms too! So not only do you need to thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom—you need to keep them dry as well!

Hopefully, these facts about cockroaches taught you something new and can help you get rid of them in your home. For best and immediate results, bring in the experts. Contact us today if you need help getting rid of these pests!

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