5 Steps to Prevent Winter Pest Problems

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Rodents are a common winter pest problem in SE Louisiana - Presto-X "Formerly Fischer"Just like us, pests and insects seek out warmth and shelter in the winter months. For this reason, certain pests will make their way inside your home to escape the dropping temperatures outdoors. Especially in Louisiana, rodents, roaches, and other pests will squeeze their way indoors. It’s important to learn how to protect your home from winter pests through a series of preventative measures. Read on for tips from the experts at Presto-X, formerly Fischer.

How to Prevent Winter Pests

Preventing pests in the winter requires many of the same measures as you would take to prevent them year-round. The most important thing is to implement exclusion efforts. Thoroughly inspect your home for any openings, cracks, or crevices, and seal them properly to keep pests outside. Place screens over vents and chimneys, store firewood away from the home, fix any moisture problems, and generally keep a clean and tidy environment to discourage pests.

Common Seasonal Pest Infestations

Overwintering insects will enter homes in the colder months to wait out the freezing temperatures until the springtime. Common winter insects include ants, stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, and boxelder bugs. In addition to these insects, there are a number of other winter pests that may invade your Louisiana home during the colder months:

  • Rodents: The house mouse and Norway rat can easily squeeze their way indoors to escape the cold.
  • Spiders: House spiders as well as black widows are often found indoors in dark, secluded corners.
  • Cockroaches: German cockroaches hitchhike indoors in grocery bags and boxes.
  • Bed bugs: Known to withstand extreme temperatures, bed bug infestations are common in the winter months.

Winter Pest Control and Removal

Preventing pests any time of the year can seem overwhelming. If you’ve done all you can to keep pests outdoors and have noticed them inside your property, it’s best to call in a professional exterminator. The team at Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental know what it takes to protect Louisiana homes from winter pests as well as other infestations throughout the entire year.

5 Steps to Prevent Winter Pest Problems In Louisiana & Mississippi

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