Are Squirrels Invading Your Home?

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Squirrels are cute, and their playfulness, their bushy tails and their constantly gnawing teeth lend an endearing quality to these creatures. They appear to be harmless—at first glance. But don’t let their innocent-looking faces fool you. You might enjoy seeing them scampering up and down a tree or carrying a nut, but you’ll find out soon enough that these pesky animals can prove to be a nuisance. You’ll be seeing them in an entirely different light once you realize the dangers that these animals could bring to your home.


About Squirrels

What most people don’t realize is that squirrels are rodents. These animals are the most aesthetically pleasing to look at compared to the others that belong to the order Rodentia. Unfortunately, squirrels are perfect examples that looks can indeed be deceiving. They can damage your property whenever they are in the process of searching for food and digging up nuts. They will also chew at the trees and shrubbery in your backyard. They can destroy in a heartbeat a couple of months’ hard work in a garden. And for some reason, squirrels love to eat bird seeds so they are most likely snatch food at feeders intended for your pet birds.

During winter months, squirrels have a tendency to look for warmer places and may move into your home when the weather gets cold. They can wreak serious damage in your wooden furniture. They can put your lives in danger and be a fire hazard by climbing up and chewing on the electrical wiring in your house. They can also chew on the structural wooden beams in the attic that support your home, causing them to weaken.

Signs of Squirrels

Here are some indications that squirrels are living inside your home:

  • The flower beds have been excavated and the bulbs have been pulled out
  • The bird seed from your feeders are missing
  • The outside walls of your home have been gnawed
  • The small holes in your lawn which they use to hoard food
  • The scampering noise you hear in your attic
  • The electrical wiring that has been chewed to bits
  • The droppings on the floor
  • The bad smell emanating from the droppings and urine


To prevent squirrels from invading your yard and home, you need to remove the things that are attractive to them, such as:

  • Food scraps that have been thrown away and are just accumulating in your yard are very inviting to squirrels. Clean up any leftovers, maintain the upkeep of your front and backyard, and secure your trash bins. Use metal garbage cans and metal storage bins when throwing away trash or storing pet food. Don’t underestimate a squirrel’s strong teeth, because it can chew almost anything.
  • Leftover food. Watch out for any falling nuts and acorns in your trees. Pick them up to avoid attracting these tree dwellers.
  • Bird seed. Remove the bird feeders in your yard as these are very tempting for the squirrel. Use a bird feeder instead that is squirrel-proof.


  • Find the entry point. The first thing you need to do is to find out how they are entering your house. You should do a thoroughly inspection of your attic, roof, roof vents, and eaves.
  • Find out if the squirrel is a mother with young ones. You need to know for sure the number of squirrels residing in your house, and if they have young ones nesting.
  • Remove the squirrels out.Try to bang on the rafters as loudly as you can. Leave the lights on in the attic, or mop the attic floors with cider vinegar. The noise and the smell will drive the nesting squirrels away.
  • Keep them out. Limit accessibility by securing the entry points that may lead inside your house. You may want to install a chimney guard, or repair any holes. If an adult squirrel will attempt to return inside your house, this could be a sign that she might be trying to return to her young ones that are left inside.

Squirrels can cause a severe structural damage to your home if it is left unchecked. Prevent them from coming inside by limiting your home’s accessibility. Do something right away once a squirrel does get inside, as a mother squirrel can give birth to 5 young ones every 6 months.

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