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Nobody in Southeast Louisiana or Mississippi wants to have a bed bug infestation in his or her house. Just thinking about it makes your skin crawl! Bed bugs bite, often leave bite marks on your body that are itchy. In some cases, people may even have a serious allergic reaction to bed bug bites! If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you likely want these little insects out of your house, now! But, how much does it really cost to rid your home from a bed bug infestation?

As pest control specialists for over 60 years right here in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi, we can tell you that we’ve seen it all. And no one bed bug infestation is like another, which means, of course, your costs are going to vary from perhaps a few hundred dollars to upwards of $4,500, depending on a variety of factors. That’s why, we always recommend that if you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you call us so we can fully inspect your house, and provide you with a customized quote based on your unique needs.

Factors that influence the cost of bed bug removal include:

  • The Extent of the Infestation.

Do you have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of these tiny insects in your home? How far spread is the infestation? The answers to these questions will help determine how much it’ll cost you to have your home treated.

  • How Many Rooms Are the Bugs Located In?

If your bed bug infestation is contained to a single room in your home, it’s going to be an easier fix for our pest control specialists. However, if it’s spread to multiple rooms or throughout your entire home, your treatment is going to require more time and products, thus increasing your costs. After all, if your bed bug infestation has spread throughout your entire home, our pest control specialists are going to need to treat not only your mattresses and bedding, but also your walls, wallpaper, carpet, ceiling and furniture. And, the larger your house, the more costly the treatment will be.

  • Use of Specialized Products.

Remember, when it comes to treating bed bugs, we use special products that kill the insects, but don’t harm you. It’s a more delicate treatment than that of treating mosquitoes or termites – which is applied outside – because bed bug products are applied in the rooms you sleep in.

  • Can Your Infestation Be Treated with Just One Application?

Depending on how many bed bugs you have, and how widespread the infestation is in your home, we may need to apply product more than once. If you have a major infestation that requires multiple treatments, your costs will be higher.

  • Don’t Forget Your Furniture Replacement Costs.

Even though our bed bug treatment is effective at killing this pesky insects, we can never 100% guarantee that they’re all gone from deep cushioned furniture. Because of this, many Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi residents who’ve endured a bed bug infestation can’t fathom sleeping on the same mattress, or lounging on the same couch again. Therefore, those who have bed bug infestations often have additional furniture replacement costs.

The Bottom Line – Get Professional Help

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you should know that simply tossing out your mattresses and couch isn’t enough. Because bed bugs can live in your carpet, walls and ceilings, it’s important to have a professional inspection of your home by a pest control agency you can trust.

If you think bed bugs may be biting you at night, don’t delay. Call Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” today at (800) 391-2565 to schedule a consultation or treatment.

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