Bed Bug Tips: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

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There are few pests that are more awful and disconcerting to deal with than bed bugs. If you know anyone that has experience with bed bugs – or if you’ve had experience yourself – then you know all too well how true this is. Once you have bed bugs, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, which means that preventing bed bugs in the first place is the best strategy for dealing with them. With that in mind, we thought we’d share 5 tips for ensuring that your home remains bed bug free.

  1. Be Careful With Secondhand Furniture

One of the primary ways that bed bugs find their way into peoples homes and apartments is by hiding out in secondhand furniture. Keep in mind that bed bugs can hitch a ride on any kind of furniture and not just beds and box springs. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re properly inspecting any secondhand furniture that you purchase. Of course, finding bed bugs can be somewhat difficult, so if you’re in doubt, remember that you can always hire a pest control specialist to check out furniture for you.

  1. Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home With You

You can keep a thoroughly clean home and still get bed bugs. Why is this the case? It’s simple. You may pick them up while you’re on vacation and then bring them back home with you in your luggage. For this reason, you may want to take a few preventative measures. If you want to be especially cautious, you can keep your luggage in a plastic bag while you’re away from home. If that seems a little too much for you, then you should, at the very least, vacuum your luggage when you return home and wash all of the clothes you took on vacation with you.

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Pets

Your pets are also capable of bringing bed bugs into your home. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you regularly inspect any places that your pets sleep for signs of bed bugs. Just as would be the case with your own bed, there will be signs of bed bugs if they’re present around your pets: namely you’ll find blood spots that the bugs leave behind on the pet’s bedding material. If you do discover signs of bed bugs around your pets, then you’ll want to get in touch with a pest control specialist as soon as possible.

  1. Inspect Clothing That You Purchase

In addition to furniture, bed bugs can also find their way into and on articles of clothing. This can be a particular problem with secondhand clothing. Therefore, make sure that you inspect used clothing items that you purchase for signs of bed bugs. As before, you may notice small bloodstains, or you may notice bed bugs, their eggs, or even their shells. When investigating potential clothing purchases, pay particular attention to the seams, as this is where the bed bugs will most likely congregate.

  1. Inspect Your Mattress on Occasion

Once a bed bug problem develops, it only gets worse. Therefore, a vital part of protecting yourself is staying ahead of the game. Even if you don’t suspect there are bed bugs in your home, it never hurts to check your mattress. As before, perform a visual inspection to look for bloodstains, eggs, and the bugs themselves. If you manage to catch them early, getting rid of them will be much, much easier.

I Found Bed Bugs, Now What?

If you believe you have bed bugs, then it’s important that you do something about it as soon as possible. The problem will not go away on its own. It will therefore be necessary to hire an experienced pest control specialist to get rid of them for you! Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” has many years of experience getting rid of bed bugs all around the metro area and into the Northshore. Thanks to our Lifetime Bed Bug Free Guarantee, one call to Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” is all you’ll need to put your mind at ease for good!

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