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As a pest control service in the Gulf Region, the technicians at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” tackle all sorts of pest problems, under a range of different circumstances. When it comes to dealing with pest management for a business, the needs can vary greatly depending on the type of business and the way in which the company operates. From businesses in the healthcare industry, to those in food service, we have the skills, equipment and the experience to handle your specific pest problems, and we understand that the presence of pests could disrupt your operations or hurt your reputation. Here is how we can help you:

Healthcare facilities

A healthcare facility can be a particularly delicate situation when it comes to pests. People come there to get treated for illnesses, to have injuries rehabilitated and for a range of other health related purposes. If the location has a pest problem, it is not going to look good for your potential clients and it could even pose an additional health threat to both staff and patients. Beyond that, you also have the concern of the strict guidelines that the government imposes upon the healthcare industry.

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to managing pests in a healthcare setting. Our certified technicians will inspect the premises and develop a plan that is designed specifically to handle the individual needs of your business. Furthermore, we will continue to provide support and emergency service for all of your needs.


If a hospital is having a pest problem, it is a serious issue. The pests can expose patients to additional health problems and some can cause damage to the structure or to medical equipment. That being said, a hospital is a place that is particularly complex when it comes to pest management. It is very unlikely that the building will be able to cease operation while the problem is addressed, and you need a service that can ensure that their treatment will not endanger the health of patients and staff. For pest management in a hospital, it requires the skills of a team that understands these issues and the experience that is necessary to provide pest management under these difficult circumstances. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” can provide you with that specialized pest control service.

Multifamily housing

If you run a multifamily housing business, then pest control is of a particular concern. If the pests get in one unit, they can very easily spread to the rest of the building. With Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, you get a company that employs one of the most advanced pest control systems for use in multifamily housing units. Our teams can do more than just get rid of pests once they have become a problem, we can also employ one of the most effective preventative strategies in the industry.

Grocery stores

Pests are going to be a serious problem for any grocery store. The abundance of food that exists at these locations will make them an attractive home for a wide variety of pests, but customers are certainly going to be turned off by any store where they see an insect or rodent problem. In addition to that, you need a pest control solution that is safe for a place where people get their food. At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we can address the pest problem directly when there is an issue and we can employ a sophisticated pest prevention strategy to effectively reduce the chance of infestation.


A restaurant is one type of location where pests can cause some major issues. Firstly, customers will not want to get food from a place where there is a rodent or insect problem, so pest control is important for your reputation. In addition to that, a restaurant has to operate under strict health codes that could be problematic if there is an issue with pests.

With Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, restaurant owners get a company that has an Integrated Pest Management program which is designed specifically for restaurants. We can effectively manage your pest control issues in a way that will keep your reputation intact and help you to avoid the trouble that can come with running afoul of the health regulations.

While we can handle any pest management problem that is out there, the team from Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” has built its reputation by dealing with some of the most complicated pest control problems. Regardless of what type of business you run, we can provide the most effective service in the industry and we guarantee our results. For the highest standards in pest control, contact Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” today.

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