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If you own a business, you already know that pests and rodents are always a problem, no matter what the weather is like outside. At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we have a variety of customized pest control solutions that are tailored to your specific industry and location to ensure proper treatment and prevention.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique requirements when it comes to pest control. Insects and rodents have the potential to further infect your patients with viruses and bacteria. We have been working with and developing custom pest control solutions for the medical industry for over 55 years, and we use that knowledge to provide you with the most efficient and effective treatments, while also providing guidance on how to prevent future infestations.


A single cockroach or rat can have serious repercussions in the food-service industry, making treatment and prevention of the utmost importance. With more than 60 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to work with you to develop a comprehensive pest control program that addresses the unique needs of your restaurant. We also work with you to devise effective preventative treatments and plans that will ensure the integrity of your restaurant is protected, even after treatment.

Food Processing Facilities

Food processing facilities require pest control that takes their unique needs into consideration. We have worked with hundreds of facilities, giving us the ability to address your pest problems in the best ways possible. We have technicians that have the training and knowledge needed to create a customized commercial pest program that successfully meets the needs of your facility to ensure safe, effective treatment and prevention. We also understand the need for absolute discretion, which is why your custom plan can include weekend or after-hour services to protect your business.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are some of the most targeted locations for pest infestations, and this can have a serious impact on the reputation of your facility. When you work with Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, you will receive a customized pest control plan that addresses the needs of your location. We provide discreet, professional services that will treat any existing problems, and prevent future infestations using proven methods.

Multi-Family Housing

Condominiums and apartment complexes face a wide range of challenges when it comes to pest control. We have a long list of clients who have realized that spray programs just don’t meet the needs of multifamily housing. Instead, they have taken advantage of our expertise and custom commercial pest control programs to eliminate and prevent infestations in a safe, inconspicuous manner.

Custom Pest Control

When you choose our customized options for treating your commercial properties, you not only take advantage of our years of experience, you also receive these other benefits:

  •        Full Service Treatment
  •        12 Months to Pay
  •        Licensed & Bonded Professional Technicians
  •        Reduced Cost of Service
  •        Documentation and Support for Health and Government Officials (Where Applicable)
  •        Employee Training for Improved Prevention
  •        Our Two Hour Solution Guarantee
  •        Full Elimination of Targeted Pest for 90 Days or a Full Refund
  •        Satisfaction Guaranteed Even After 90 Days or a Refund of Past 6 Months Fees
  •        Regulatory Fine Reimbursement if Due to Targeted Pest after Treatment Plus 10%

Just as your business is not one size fits all, neither are our pest control programs. We understand the best ways of treating commercial properties, using the safest products to protect you and your customers, clients, or residents. If you are ready to end your pest problems, contact us to set up a complete inspection so we can create the best solution for your needs.

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