Do Mosquitoes Hibernate?

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Mosquitoes are arguably the most annoying insect on the planet. Not only do they pack a painful bite, sucking your blood, but they also leave an unbearable itch that can last for days. Now that winter is upon us, the question is, are we going to get a break? Find out if mosquitoes hibernate during the winter and other interesting facts about this pest.

About Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects. They prefer temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more. That is why they are so abundant in the warm summer months. They can live in temperatures down to 50 degrees, but they aren’t very comfortable in them.

By definition, cold-blooded means that the mosquito is incapable of regulating their own body temperature. Whatever the temperature it is outside, is what temperature the critter becomes on the inside. This is unlike a human who can keep warm for a period of time even if the weather is colder than your internal temperature.

So Do They Hibernate?

In short, yes, the mosquitoes will shut down internally and hibernate if their internal temperature reaches colder than 50 degrees. The bad news is they often will go to your home or basement to sleep off the winter. Other places that they can be found include logs and dens that other animals have already created.

Technically, it isn’t called hibernating, like what you think of when you think of a bear. Mosquitoes go into a state of deep winter sleep that is referred to as diapause. They stop any sort of developmental behaviors until it warms up and they become active again in the spring.

Pregnant females will often find a warm hole to stay in where they can lay their eggs. The eggs stay safe in the spot they picked out until the temperatures rise again and then they hatch.

There are Arctic mosquitoes that live in very cold regions. These species will hibernate on two different occasions. Because of the double diapause, they often live longer.

The lifespan of the mosquito is actually pretty short. Males only live about 10 days. Females on the other hand can live around 6 to 8 weeks if the conditions are ideal. While these females are thriving, they lay eggs every three days on average. A female that hibernates though, can live up to six months.

In order to survive their hibernation period, the mosquito has to do a bit of bulking up. They will gain somewhere around 10 times their normal weight so that they can survive through freezing weather. Another interesting thing that they can do is live through being dehydrated. While in a larvae stage, most of the body water can be lost resulting in a critter that looks like a dried up raisin. As they gain water back, they fatten right back up and continue off on their journey.

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