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Face it, we’re all looking for curb appeal when it comes to our residences. The first thing people notice is the lawn. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” is your local expert when it comes to customized lawn care. We understand that care of your lawn is representative of the care taken to the rest of your home. We are prepared to ensure you are completely satisfied with their 6 cycle service, and will work hard to meet that guarantee. That said, we want to offer you our fall lawn care guide here.

Why Winterize?

Maybe you are wondering what the import behind winterizing is. Basically, why do it? In the fall, your grass begins to prepare itself for the inevitable cold fronts that are certain to accost it. These cold spells (or longer) will extract much needed nutrients in greater quantities than warmer weather does. Therefore, winterizing your lawn enables it to store up those much needed materials. Winterizing will help your grass tolerate the weather fluctuations, and the potentially dangerous organisms gearing up for attack.


All plants need water and as the fall and winter months ensue, rains tend to decrease. Nature’s provision of much needed H2O decreases, and therefore the task falls on you. If you want to keep your lawn green, and enable it to store the nutrients necessary for a healthy autumn and winter season, water regularly. Don’t over water, as you can bog down the roots and make them highly desirable to a number of unruly and unwanted critters.


Aeration stimulates root growth, and can actually initiate growth in stunted root systems. It allows nutrients to sink deep into the soil, and it helps remove excess thatch. Aerating your lawn will provide it with a top dressing and reduce soil compaction. When you improve the root growth, you enable the grass to better store those essential nutrients and the water necessary for good health. You’re also improving its stress tolerance and you’ll see the benefits when spring rolls around.


Next, never mow your lawn too low. When it comes to mowing in the fall, mow at least a half inch above the length you set for your summer chops. This will stimulate stunted roots, but when you’ve finally reached your final mowing for the season, go a half inch lower than your summer standards. This will help your grass avoid disease and prepare for winter. If you have a mulcher, or a way to leave the clippings on the lawn, that is advisable as those fragments will provide necessary nourishment and protection to the underlings that sprout up.


Fertilizing is of supreme value to the health of your lawn. There are specific elements to consider and therefore testing your soil is advisable. Some things to pay special attention to include:

  • Potassium – This is the winterizing aspect of the fertilizing process. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” starts treating lawns with potassium after Labor Day. This is the last number when looking at a fertilizer analysis (An example is 0-0-60).
  • A high nitrogen fertilizer – These fertilizers make the turf very tender and lush but they also enhance its vulnerability to winter kill. When evaluating a fertilizer, nitrogen is the first number of a fertilizer analysis (An example is 32-3-11). Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” does not use high nitrogen fertilizers, or advise anyone to use it, during the winterizing process.


Raking is essential as large piles of debris are breeding grounds for disease and unwanted pests. If the debris can be mulched, it can be beneficial. However, if it is just going to sit there in a pile, it will suffocate your grass and cause a good deal of harm. Rake all big pieces of yard debris into trash cans or burn barrels to protect the future of your lawn.

Other Tips

Here are some additional tips for ensuring you have a beautiful lawn year round:

  • Watch out for lawn diseases. Be vigilant if you notice brown patches.
  • Observe lawn carefully. Identify areas that may need special attention in the fall and next growing season. What you do during this time affects what the lawn looks like in April.
  • Use fungicide. These treatments are important and will prevent deadly diseases.
  • Irrigate properly. The months from September – November are hugely important.
  • Keep fallen leaves cleaned up. Excessive leaves sitting on top of the lawn will suffocate it.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Service is your full service lawn care provider. With over fifty years of experience we are experts in the lawn care and pest control arena. When it comes to caring for, or winterizing, your lawn our 6 cycle process is worthy of your consideration. Contact us today for details.

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