Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Offers Tips to Help Prevent Formosan Infestations

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Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Offers Tips to Help Prevent Formosan Infestations

Homeowners should be on the look out for Formosan termite swarms.   Originally from China, Formosan termites are the most voracious, aggressive and devious of the more than 2,000 termite species known to science.

We often hear them called ‘super termites. Currently found in eleven states, Formosans have been eating their way through cities for the past thirty years

Experts from the National Pest Management Association propose several tips to avoid Formosan termite infestations:

  • As most termites are attracted to moisture, avoid water accumulation near your home’s foundation.  Divert water away with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
  • Quickly repair house damage from a leaky roof or window as termites can thrive in this moisture.
  • Never bury wood scraps or waste lumber in the yard, especially near the building.  Remove old tree stumps and roots around and beneath the building.
  • Most importantly, eliminate any wood contact with the soil.  Maintaining a 1-inch gap between the soil and wood portions of the building is ideal.

As Formosan termites alone are estimated to cause over $1 billion dollars in damage each year, virtually all experts recommend calling a pest professional to protect one of your most important investments, your home, from these home invaders.

Professionals offer the specialized skills necessary to rid a home of termite infestation: knowledge of building construction, an ability to identify termite species and the knowledge of applicable methods of termite control.

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