Four Common Types of Ants in Louisiana and Mississippi

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Read about the four most common types of ants found along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast.

With ants being such a common and well-known insect, people tend to generalize these pests without taking into account the fact that there are many different species of ants. It is important to understand and be able to identify the different types when you have an ant infestation.

Different species of ants will inhabit different areas of your structure, and will require a unique pest control strategy in order to get rid of the problem. Let’s take a closer look at three types of ants that are commonly found in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Carpenter Ants

If you are at all familiar with carpenter ants, you might think of them as those large, dark black ants. In reality, colonies of carpenter ants will have ants of all different sizes. The reason that you may have seen more of the larger varieties is because these ants are the members of the colony responsible for leaving the nest, looking for new places to set up colonies, and scouting for food.

It is important to get rid of carpenter ants as quickly as possible because, like termites, they will do damage to wood structures. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, so the damage does not spread quite as aggressively, but the ants do build their nests in wooden structures.

True to their name, carpenter ants will carve and shape the wood in order to create and expand their homes. Like termites, these types of ants are drawn to wooden structures where there is moisture.

Fire Ants

If there is one menace most people fear along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast – it’s the pesky and potentially dangerous fire ant.

Fire ant mounds can be found all over the Gulf Coast and can be difficult to get rid of. These ants are perhaps the most common pest customer’s want to get rid of because of the fact that they do in fact sting, or bite. And while for most of us a bit from a fire ant is merely an aggravation, for some people fire ant bites can be dangerous if they are allergic to them, or if the ants bite in great numbers.

While there are many different types of DIY products for treating fire ants, these products usually just cause the colony to relocate the mound to a new area of your yard. Successfully getting rid of fire ants requires diligent effort and knowledge of how to get rid of these pests.

Odorous House Ants

These house ants are the most prevalent, irritating, and problematic ants across the entire country. Each colony of odorous house ants can have more than one queen, and the queens cooperate with one another when producing eggs for the colony. This causes the population of ants to explode, which is just one of many reasons that it is hard to get rid of this type of ant infestation.

You can identify odorous house ants by their odor. When an odorous house ant is squashed, it emits an unpleasant coconut-like odor. Pest control professionals must utilize special techniques in order to first identify that odorous house ants are infesting the property, and then develop strategies that will counteract the unusual behaviors of these pests.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are, simply put, the type of ants you typically see outside on the pavement. These are the small brown ants that you will see pushing and carrying dirt into piles around your sidewalk and driveway as they build up the entrances to their homes.

It is when these pavement dwellers set up their homes close to the foundation of the structure, or within a crawlspace that pavement ant infestations can occur. Fortunately, pavement ants have unique tastes when it comes to food sources, and they are attracted to sweets, fatty-foods, and proteins. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” will often use this information in order to design ant control treatments that are effective and safe specifically for pavement ants.

The Importance of Identification

When it comes to pest control and treatment, it is crucial to know what type of insects you are facing. While the different species of ants may have similarities, they often differ in terms of behavior and biology.

Our pest control technicians use this information in order to develop ant control techniques that will target the ant populations in your home. This targeting will bring about faster and more effective results. Click here to read more about our ant control services.

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