Four Seasons Pest Control and Residential Service Checklist

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Pest control is essential to maintaining your home, lawn and even your sanity. Once pests settle in, they can be nearly impossible to fight off. This is why our Four Seasons Pest Control Plan is so important. Experts from Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” will inspect the inside and outside of your home and guarantee in writing that your home will be free of these pests for an entire year, or we’ll return and retreat for free.

Outside Treatments

We’ll begin outside and look at the many thresholds pests may cross to enter your home. Some of these may be obvious, like with door casings and window frames. However, there are a number of telltale signs to look for as well.

Spider webs may seem benign enough, but it’s best to remove them just in case. Wasp nests are always dangerous, which is why our servicemen get rid of them immediately.

Our highly trained team will also treat your home’s exterior to keep pests away. This includes under eaves, at all thresholds, around plumbing, A/C lines, structure cracks, cable access points and window sills. We also power spray a band around the perimeter of your home that measures 4′ by 8′. Anywhere concrete meets your house, we spray a three foot band there as well.

Heavy brush, decks and anywhere refuse collects are also harborage areas that we address.

Lastly, if we find any ant nests that are within eight feet of your home, we treat them too.


As you may know, the dry, quiet interior of your garage is ideal for all kinds of pests. Our servicemen look for spider webs and insect nests and remove them right away.

Any crack or crevice in your garage is an open invitation to pests. Our crew will be thorough in their inspection, looking for any of these areas that allow pests to intrude and cause problems.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Utility Rooms

As necessary, our staff will dust and apply bait in these rooms. Common places where they are needed include:

  • Wall voids
  • Under appliances
  • Pocket doors
  • The false bottom of appliances
  • Under washers and dryers
  • Behind water heaters
  • The backs of drawers
  • Pantry closets
  • Plumbing accesses

There are many other potential areas that may need to be inspected as well, which is why expertise is vital here.

Like we mentioned above, any window frame is a good place to apply protection. We also look at window sills, door frames, toilet tanks and other spots.

Other Rooms

Depending on your home, there may be other rooms that hide problems that pests will exploit to gain access. If they’re already in the home, it’s about knowing where an insect, spider or other pest would most like to make their nest or go searching for food.

Our experts will inspect wall voids, the backs of receptacle covers, closet door and cabinet frames, potted plants and book case frames.

We’ll also want to take a look at your attic. Rodents, especially, may be making their home up there, particularly if you have trees that make contact with your roof. Crawl spaces are also a good place to inspect, dust, and possibly bait.

Every home is susceptible to an invasion by pests, even those kept immaculately clean. If any of the above areas we inspect surprise you, that’s all the more reason for calling Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” at (800) 391-2565. All it takes is one missed opportunity and you can find your home in a lot of trouble. Contact us today to learn more about our Four Seasons Pest Control Plan and before we begin our inspection, we’ll walk you through the process and provide an estimate.



Four Seasons Pest Control and Residential Service Checklist In Louisiana & Mississippi

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