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Mosquitoesare possibly the most irritating organisms on the planet. More than that, however, they’re also dangerous. Many life-threatening diseases can be and are spread by mosquitoes, which transmit blood-borne diseases from person to person.

Quite often, mosquitoes make work and recreation difficult, especially for people who work outside in warm, humid locations. Preventing mosquito infestations if you live in the kind of area where they thrive (such as the southern states, or anywhere that is wet and warm at least part of the year) is an important part of home maintenance.

Getting rid of mosquitoes will mean that outdoor activities can be done during the warm weather without the interruption of mosquitoes. The process for getting rid of them, however, is somewhat involved, and takes a few steps.

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we get many questions from our customers about what they can do to get rid of mosquitoes; read on for an overview of these in which we go into some detail about how and why they are done.

Analyze your yard

The first step in getting rid of mosquitoes is to know where they live. Mosquitoes are very hardy creatures, and they can survive in a lot of places. However, they like living in areas that are warm and wet at least part of the year.

Common places to find them are forests, tall grasses, and any standing water. Some kinds of mosquitoes lay their eggs in rafts that float on the surface of water, and others lay their eggs in dry soil that are later woken up by the rainy season.

Once you have identified probable locations that mosquitoes nest and breed, you can get started on removing them. This is done, generally, by killing adult mosquitoes and then treating their breeding locations.

Inspect your neighborhood

Treating your own yard sometimes won’t be enough. If you live near a forest that is in multiple properties’ yards, or by a pool of water used for drainage or decoration, treating your own patch of lawn won’t always be enough to remove mosquitoes to a noticeable degree.

If there is something in your neighborhood that you can identify as a source of a lot of mosquitoes, it might be worth bringing it to your homeowner’s association or neighborhood council in order to get a plan together to treat these problematic locations.

Create a customized treatment plan

Every yard requires a different solution for the mosquitoes living in it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as spraying the adult mosquitoes and treating an obvious breeding location like a pond or ditch.

Other times, things get slightly more complex, and it’s possible that, because neighbors won’t always also treat for mosquitoes, you might have to treat the perimeter of your property to curb mosquitoes from other properties getting into yours.

There are also a wide variety of chemicals used for this kind of treatment, which are used for different strengths of infestation and must to be carefully selected in order to not harm birds, pets, or other animals out in the same locations as the mosquitoes.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”’s professional services offer free assessments to your yard or property, and we can give you a good idea of the cost to take care of it and how difficult it would be to do yourself. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors, so we’re here to help you get outside again!

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