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It seems that everyone has heard of bed bugs, but few people have actually seen one.

In fact, one local New Orleans hotel manager told us that a customer once called down to the front desk of their hotel saying that she had captured a bed bug in her room.  When the staff arrived, they were happy to find the customer had trapped a ladybug under a jar!

With so much mis-information out there about bed bugs, we thought we’d share some hard facts and frequently asked questions about bed bugs.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

  • A physical sample of an actual bug or egg is required to be 100% certain that you have bed bugs.
  • Bite symptoms are a good indicator but cannot be diagnosed with 100% certainty. Medical professionals cannot give a positive diagnosis simply by examining bite symptoms.
  • The most effective inspections are conducted by a qualified pest management professional, such as Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”.
  • You may see evidence of a bed bug infestation without actually seeing any bed bugs.
  • There is a very good chance you have bed bugs if you keep repeatedly waking up each morning with bite symptoms on your body that were not present when you went to sleep.  However, if bites occur at various times of the day in various locations such as at home, in the car, etc. they are much likely to be caused by bed bugs.
  • Besides the characteristic obnoxiously sweet odor, the primary clues to an infestation will be the presence of bed bugs and/or small red to reddish brown fecal spots here and there on surfaces.

I Have Bed Bugs. What Do I Do Now?

  • Call Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”. There are many pests that businesses may decide to try and control on their own, but bed bugs should not be one of them.

How Difficult Is It To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

  • Reduction of bed bug populations is not difficult in most cases, however it can be extremely difficult but not impossible to eliminate every last bug in most situation.
  • Experienced pest management firms will have their work cut out of them, however it is not possible to guarantee the total elimination of bed bugs from most infested environments.
  • Sleeping in a different room or vacation the structure is not the solution and can make the problem more difficult to eliminate.
  • The bottom line is that bed bug work requires trained professionals. It takes hard work, follow up efforts and it can be expensive.

Avoiding Infestations

  • Travel and the purchase of used and second hand furniture and/or bedding are still among the most likely ways to introduce the bed bugs. It is far easier to avoid purchase of used items that it is to eliminate travel. However there are many steps that can be taken during travel to minimize the likelihood of staying in a bed bug infested environment or bringing bed bugs home with you.
  • Bed bugs are elusive creatures. Vacuum suitcase after returning from a vacation. Check your bed sheets for tell-tale blood spots.
  • Click here to read more about treating bed bugs.

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