How Much Should You Water Your Lawn in the Summer?

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If you want a lush, beautifully green lawn all summer long, you’re going to need to water it. Now, we know what some of you are thinking. If you water your lawn, you’re just going to have to mow it more often, right? Well, in the summer, you’re going to have to mow it at least once a week, whether you do anything else to care for it or not. Watering it will just ensure that it looks nice, even, and green, rather than brown and patchy.

So, yes, it is necessary to water your lawn if you don’t want it to look ragged and unhealthy, but how much should you be watering it? That depends greatly on the weather you’re having. Let’s walk through tips for keeping your lawn looking fresh and manicured in any summer weather.

During a Drought

During a hot, dry summer, you’ll need to make sure that your lawn gets about one to two inches of water every week. The best way to do this is to water your lawn twice a week for a slightly longer period of time, rather than spritzing it with a little bit of water every day or every other day.

If you make sure that you give your lawn one to two inches of water, once or twice a week, you will ensure that the water penetrates down six to eight inches into the soil, keeping it damp along the entire length of your grass’ root structures. This ensures that your roots won’t be shallow and weak, and your grass will be much healthier and more full.

During a Wet Summer

You’ll still want to test your lawn during a wet summer, when you think you’re getting plenty of rain. Some parts of your yard may not be getting the water they need, or you may perceive that you’re getting more rainfall than you actually are. Your lawn could be famished, and you don’t even know it.

You can set a rain gauge outside to measure how much rainfall you’re getting each week. If it doesn’t add up to at least two inches, make sure that you supplement your lawn’s water supply so that it doesn’t suffer.

When to Water Your Lawn

Early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn. Because it’s the coolest time of the day, you’ll lose less moisture to evaporation, so you won’t have to water your lawn as much, and your water bill won’t suffer. It also prevents a lot of lawn diseases that occur when water sticks to blades of grass overnight, promoting fungus and bacterial growth.

New Grass v. Mature Grass

If you’re trying to grow a new lawn from seed, or your lawn is still very young, you should use an oscillating sprinkler, as its streams of water are gentler and won’t wash away the new grass seed. Pulsating sprinklers are more effective for penetrating soil, though. So, when your lawn has had some time to grow in, switch to a pulsating sprinkler for the best effect.

Water in Stages for Hard Soil

If your home is relatively new, you may have hard soil, which makes it difficult for water to soak in. If this is the case, you should set the timer on your sprinklers to water the lawn for 30 minutes, then wait 30 minutes for it to sink in before watering for another 30 minutes. Alternate watering and waiting until you’ve added one to two inches of water to the yard. This will help soften the soil, and it will allow water to penetrate far enough into the ground to feed the full length of the roots.

Now you know how much, how often, and when to water your lawn this summer, and you’ll be able to enjoy healthy, green grass all year! To learn more about Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”’s outstanding quality lawn care service, call today, (800) 391-2565.



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