How to Prep Your House for Mosquito Season

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Mosquitos are a huge menace to society. The itchiness and redness that comes with every mosquito bite have surely inconvenienced a lot of people. Mosquitos also carry a lot of vector-borne diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and elephantiasis, making them ver dangerous to live with. This is why homeowners should do everything to prep their houses to prevent mosquitos from invading.


When is Mosquito Season?

Mosquitoes are most likely to be present during warm seasons. The exact start of the mosquito season is different each year, and will greatly depend on what part of the country you live in. The season starts during spring, with its peak during the hot summer months. It dwindles down to a halt during fall. These insects will go away temporarily after the first freeze of winter, and will become dormant as temperatures drop below 50 degrees, although some southern continental states experience mosquitos all year round. The start of mosquito season also signals the time to begin control measures to ensure that mosquitos don’t invade homes.

What Conditions Worsen Mosquitos?

  • Warm climates-Mosquitos thrive in heat. As the temperature rises, these insects begin feeding more frequently, increasing the chances of an outbreak.
  • Stagnant water- Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos to lay their eggs. It is a necessity to them because they spend their time fully submerged in water during their larvae and pupae stages.
  • Rains after a long drought- During a dry spell, natural freshwater sources are harder to find, which is why mosquitos seek artificial water sources such as swimming pools and water found inside residential homes. Heavy rains will further exacerbate conditions as dormant mosquito eggs hatch once water collects in birdbaths, buckets, and tires.

Prep Steps

What can you do aside from bringing along a bottle of mosquito repellent everywhere with you? First, you need to take a survey of your yard. Check every nook and cranny for things that can hold standing water. Empty buckets, folded tarpaulins, disregarded canvas sheets, pet food bowls, and birdbaths are the usual suspects. Check the eaves, roof gutters, and plastic drain pipes in your home. Remove any leaves and twigs that may clog them up and cause water to collect. If you have ponds in your landscape, consider putting in frogs or fish as they love eating mosquitos.

Install tight-fitting screens all over the doors and windows of your house. If you’ve already done so, see if there are any loose or torn screens and repair them. Air conditioner pans, flower vases, and even the hardened soil of potted plants can store standing water so check them out as well.     

It is best to empty out all forms of liquid containers, keep them dry, and store them upside-down to prevent water from getting in. Implement the “Tip and Toss” campaign, where you either tip down or toss every container that could possibly hold water after every rain event.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Mosquito Control Services

Locally-owned and operated, we have been in business for more than 60 years, treating mosquitos in Louisiana homes and businesses. The company has several teams of experts, each having an in-house Technical Director and a full-time Quality Assurance personnel to ensure that each and every site visit results in a mosquito-free environment. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” offers the following services which can be helpful in prepping for mosquito season:

  • Kill adult mosquitos- Each team that goes into a home ensures that all adult mosquitos and eggs are removed from the site.
  • Custom designed application system-Our treatment program is custom-designed so we do a site analysis first to make sure we apply the most appropriate pest control program that befits your home and your situation.
  • Treat home exterior-Not only do we treat indoors, we also implement pest control activities outside of your home and within your immediate surroundings to fully exhaust all the possible places where mosquitos can hide.

It is always best to prep yourself and your home at the onset of mosquito season. Removing possible breeding grounds is essential to a mosquito-free home. However, if you find yourself needing some professional assistance, contact us today!

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