It’s Rodent Season for Metro NOLA Homes – Here’s What to Do

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Did you know that autumn is what we call “rodent season” in the pest control industry?

It’s true!

For homes in the metro New Orleans area, this is the time of year when you’re about to start seeing rodents in your home. Do you know why and what to do?

Why Fall Brings Rodents into Your Home

Rodents are just like all mammals – they like warmth, and they need shelter from the elements.

Once the temperature drops to below the 70s consistently, rodents start looking for warmer places to spend their days and nights.

In metro areas, where there aren’t a lot of cozy trees and vegetation to curl up in, this means your home is the next best place for rodents to seek shelter. 

Where Rodents Get Inside

One thing you may notice is rodents targeting your garage when the weather starts to cool down.

They look for open containers of pet food especially, so be sure those are sealed up tight. Any easy-to-reach warm place is an excellent spot for rodents to burrow in for the fall and winter, and an unsecured garage is a good target.

There are many other possible ways that rodents can get into your home, however. Those include:

  • Weepholes: These are the gaps found between bricks that are left to allow ventilation. They serve an important purpose to keep your wall cavities dry, but also allow rodents inside.
  • Holes in eaves: Some homes have ventilation holes in eaves, to help keep your home’s structure dry. However, cracks and damage are also possible. In either case, rodents can come inside through these holes.
  • Roof access from nearby trees: Rodents can easily climb up trees and get onto your roof. From there, it’s easy to go down chimneys or crawl in through cracks.Rats often nest in palm trees, which can give them easy access to your home.
  • Damaged walls and siding: This is one of the easiest ways for rodents to get into your house. Small rodents can easily crawl through even the tiniest places of damage in a wall or your siding. From there, it’s very easy to get into your house by burrowing through the insulation material.

Getting Rid of Rodents Yourself and Wildlife Exclusion

There are two important things to discuss when talking about New Orleans homes and rodents.

The first is trying to trap rodents yourself.

For rodents that live in metro areas, becoming “trap shy” (AKA understanding how to avoid traps) is very much a common behavior. It is harder to trap rodents that come into metro-area homes for this reason.

Additionally, some rodents may not be the types of rodents that you would want to remove yourself. Wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, and bats, can carry diseases that you could catch if you attempt to handle them yourself.

Wildlife exclusion services include trapping these animals in a way that keeps everyone safe, and ensuring that protected animals are safely released back into the wild. 

The Best Time to Prevent Infestations is NOW

Did you know that the best time to get rid of rodents in your home is before they get into your home in the first place?

It’s true.

An ounce of prevention really does go a long way.

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we can provide a thorough inspection of your home to find all the areas that rodents could get inside. We’ll also help get rid of any trails that rodents are leaving to guide themselves back into your home from previous years, and more.

Contact us online for a no-obligation estimate, or call us at (800) 391-2565.

It’s Rodent Season for Metro NOLA Homes – Here’s What to Do In Louisiana & Mississippi

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