Keeping Your Lawn Intact During Winter

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Most people don’t think about their lawns much in the winter.

When you don’t spend as much time outside, it’s easy to forget that your lawn still needs some attention. Those healthy, lush summer laws that you see at the start of every warm season don’t just happen by themselves; they are the product of year-round maintenance and care.


What You Need to Do in Winter for Your Lawn

The winter, we offer several services to keep your lawn healthy even under any frost we may see. Those include:

  • Fertilizing your lawn so that the roots of the grass, trees, and shrubs can soak up the nutrients and be ready for blooming. Over the summer, your lawn loses nutrients to the elements, and cool season grasses like we have in North America do require some fertilization in early winter to help feed the grass. This is the best way to start your spring off with healthy and lush grass that’s just been waiting for the thaw.
  • Controlling the insect population to prevent the turf from being damaged by pests burrowing to hibernate.
  • Controlling any hardy weeds that start to emerge this time of year, which often go unchecked in the winter.

In addition to these services, there are some things that you can do at home to help make your lawn look great year-round. Those include:

  • During the last few weeks of fall, slowly lower your mowing blade a little each time. By the time you do your final cut, you’ll be able to get the grass short for the winter, without shocking it with a huge chop. This ensures that mice and other pests don’t decide your lawn is a good place to build winter nests.
  • Items that are left on your lawn before the cool weather hits can cause dead spots, and also make good hiding spots for insects and spiders. So be sure you keep your lawn picked up during this season.
  • Be sure that your sidewalk or walkway is cleared of any ice and debris. Allowing people to walk on your grass can also create dead spots. The very short grass that you’ve allowed to stay in the winter can be killed very easily, and the lawn will have a difficult time recovering from a lot of foot traffic.
  • Don’t allow dead leaves to stay gathered on your yard. These can promote mold and moss, which can both be harmful to your lawn.

Doing these few things can help keep your lawn looking beautifully green the moment spring arrives.

Lawn Care Schedule

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we have a multi-cycle lawn care system that includes aeration, soil analysis, irrigation, fertilization, weed and pest control, disease control, and fire ant prevention. We offer all these services in a six-part cycle to take advantage of your lawn’s natural needs throughout the year.

The first cycle helps to wake your lawn up from the winter with insect and weed control, and fertilization.

The second cycle replenishes nutrients that your soil is missing during the rapid growth of spring, and controls young insect nymphs.

In cycles three and four, fertilization is balanced and continued insect control is a must.

In cycle five, right in the midst of the hottest part of the year, we focus on keeping your lawn green and disease-free.

Finally cycle six is our winterization cycle, where we’ll get rid of any weeds and insects, and also do a final fertilization for the year.

To learn more about this program, as well as our residential pest prevention program, or to receive an estimate, contact Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” today. A free inspection is easy to schedule at 800-391-2565.

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