November is prime time for tree fertilization in Louisiana and Mississippi

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Because we live in the deep south, many people tend to overlook the impact of winter.  Now, if you lived in the north, you’d regularly see all sorts of tips and articles about “winterizing” everything from your cars to your pool and everything in between…including your lawn and trees.

Even though we enjoy mild winters in our neck of the woods, it’s still important to take a few steps to protect your trees so that they will be healthy when the spring growing season arrives.  This includes making sure your trees are pest free and that they’re properly fertilized before they go dormant.

Fertilize Your Trees in November / December

The best time to fertilize trees in our climate – southern Louisiana and Mississippi – is November or December before winter truly sets in.  The reason is that once the trees go dormant, fertilizer will have no impact.

Our special time release fertilizer allows it to be in the soil waiting for your tree’s spring growth when it needs the extra nutrients the most.

All trees leaf out at different times and they need special nutrients for growth and maximum beauty.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” knows about keeping local trees safe, green and beautiful.  That’s why we are one of only five companies in the history of the US to be awarded the Champion of the Environment award from the EPA!

Don’t Forget Pest Control

Many people don’t realize how important pest control is for trees, plants and shrubs.  As part of our lawn and tree maintenance programs, our technicians are always looking for signs of pests and disease that can damage trees any time of the year.

If you’re not sure of the best way to fertilize your plants and trees, contact us today at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” for a free quote from one of our qualified and highly trained technicians who will explain the proper fertilizing techniques for your particular trees.

November is prime time for tree fertilization in Louisiana and Mississippi In Louisiana & Mississippi

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