Pest Proof Your Home this Spring

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Springtime is always a great time of year, especially in our area. Everything seems to be coming alive all around your home, and the warmer, yet still pleasant, temperatures mean you can finally start opening those windows, airing out the house and even get started on spring cleaning.

While you’re enjoying all of this, you also need to consider pest proofing your home. The following tips will keep these pests outside, so you can enjoy your home all spring and summer long – sans annoying bugs and critters.

Springtime Audit

The first thing you need to do to pest proof your home this spring is to do a walk-around of the entire perimeter and do a complete audit. Pay attention to any cracks or damaged areas that have popped up over the winter. You should also be looking for any mud tubes, which are a good indication that termites have taken an interest in your home.

Grab the Silicone Caulk

Once you know where all those cracks are, you have to make sure you seal them with silicone caulk. You also have to make sure you seal up any openings around where pipes or utilities enter your home. All of those are potential entry points for unwanted pests in your home.

Get Rid of Standing Water

You will need to tackle those gutters as well, making sure to clean out any debris that has built up in them over the winter. Go around your home and property and make sure there are no areas of standing water as well – if necessary, fill them in with dirt if it is a low area in the ground. This will help cut down on mosquitos and other pests that rely on water for breeding, as well as getting rid of attractive watering holes for other critters.

Check the Foundation

Over the years, freezing and thawing can be rough on the foundation of your home, and any cracks or loose mortar that you see can let in pests. Make sure to repair them promptly to minimize the chances of bugs and potentially larger creatures from being able to wiggle their way inside.

Weather Stripping

Replacing your weather stripping is also a major part of pest proofing your home this spring. If it is torn or loose, or if it has just worn down, those gaps can let in a variety of bugs that you’d rather not have in your house.

Take Care with Wood

If there are any stumps on your property, especially if they are rotting, you need to have them removed. You also need to make sure that you don’t have any mulch right up against the foundation – there should be a minimum of 15 inches between it and your home. The same goes with bushes and shrubs. All that wood creates the perfect cover for termites to build their tunnels right into your home where they can cause the most damage.

Tackle the Attic

Your attic can be a haven for mice, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Go through everything and try to eliminate as much of the clutter as possible. You also need to trade those cardboard boxes in for plastic containers that have a lid that snaps on tightly. Not only will this protect your valuables and mementos from water and dampness, it will also get rid of potential bedding locations for any critters that have already made it inside.

Once you’ve taken care of these areas, your home should be considered pest-proofed. However, if despite your best efforts they’ve already made it inside your home, make sure to call a quality pest control specialist to help you address any infestations properly. Calling Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, and having our experts do it right the first time means you won’t have to keep paying to do it over and over again. Call us today!

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