Spring 2017 Lawn Care Primer

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Spring brings green grass, warmer weather, cute baby animals and…weeds! Weeds, weeds, everywhere. Spring is the perfect combination of heat and wet for weeds to start taking root and popping up, right around the same time your grass starts to perk up again for the year. April is all about weed control and pre-emergents, which is why it’s good to know what you are guarding against. Why are weeds so bad, anyway?

Common Louisiana Weeds

Some of the most common weeds you might see in your yard include:

  • Dollar Weed: Also called pennywort, this weed tends to live anywhere there’s standing water. Soggy lawns can often sprout dollar weed seemingly overnight, though they do germinate and spread to other areas. This weed roots anywhere that the creeping stems touch the soil, so they can get out of control fast.
  • Pony Foot: Also called dichondra, pony foot actually used to be a desirable ground cover in place of grass. However, this weed is hard to eradicate once it has been introduced into an area, and it tends to suck up water and nitrogen from soil. Considering that it also loves to grow under trees, it can quickly harm your trees and other plants.
  • Poa Annua: Also called annual bluegrass, this weed often grows invisible in regular grass, until the summer hits. Then the weed dies under the sun, and your lawn suddenly has unattractive brown patches throughout. It loves damp and shady areas.
  • Clover: Kids may love to search for the four-leaf variety, but clover is often not a desirable addition to a lawn. Anything that is an undesirable plant is considered a weed, even if it’s not particularly bad for your lawn.

Crabgrass, sedge, and other types of weeds may also be growing now as well. And let’s not forget those dandelions!

What You Can Do to Prevent Weeds in April

Many of these common weeds love damp and shady spots. Just as you would prepare your property for mosquitos by removing any standing water, be sure to consider any soggy spots in your lawn to keep the weeds away.

Because this year has brought on such an early spring, your ground doesn’t really need to be fertilized just yet if you want to keep weeds away. You already have to battle the unseasonable warmth and wet. Instead, wait till after Tax Day to fertilize your lawn, even if it looks like it’s ready. That will ensure that most weeds are past their prime growing season.

Don’t mow your lawn too low, as this can give weeds the space they need to root and grow even more. Grass needs to be stronger than the weeds to survive against the competition. If your lawn is excessively shady, something else many weeds like, you may need to consider thinning the canopy of your trees as well.

Call Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” for Pre-Emergent Protection

Our lawn care programs are designed to keep your lawn healthy year-round. We not only control weeds, but also prevent insect infestations, and keep the desired plants in good health. We can treat fungus, winter weeds, and more. But it is important that your lawn first be inspected to ensure that the conditions aren’t fighting against the treatments. We can advise you on how to achieve the best conditions to discourage weed growth, in addition to providing the treatments to keep it that way.

Contact us online to learn more, or call us at (800) 391-2565. You can also learn more about our process by looking at our lawn care program schedule.

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