Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Yard

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Springtime is the time for beautiful weather and blooming flowers, but it is also the prime time for pests to invade your lawn and home. During the spring months, people throughout the Gulf Coast are at the greatest risk for termite, ant, and mosquito infestations, as well as many other troubling pest problems. Besides enlisting the help of pest control specialists, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing pest problems by performing a bit of spring cleaning around your yard.

Many of the pests most commonly associated with Mississippi and Louisiana are attracted to lawns where the vegetation has become overgrown, and where there are plenty of places for them to find shelter. You can remove all of these habitats and potential feeding grounds simply by keeping your yard well maintained. Here are a few easy tips to get you started.

1. Remove or Treat Any Standing Water on Your Property

Standing water can create a source of nourishment and a place for pests to hatch eggs. It is very common for homes with a lot of standing water to have problems with mosquitoes, which can pose serious health risks. If you have intentional sources of standing water such as birdbaths or fountains, you can keep these as long as you empty and replace, or circulate the water somehow, or use safe pest control treatments.

There are many other sources of standing water that people often do not notice. These can include clogged rain gutters, empty gardening containers, overturned tires, or any other containers located around the yard. Perform a quick assessment of your yard to ensure that you do not have any of these manmade pools present. Any drainage problems that create standing water around the foundation of the home should also be addressed as soon as possible.

2. Clear Away Any Fallen Leaves and Debris

Raking leaves may be associated more closely with the fall, but that does not mean that your yard will not have some leaves and other debris this spring. Fallen leaves, branches, and fruit that gather around your yard become a major attraction for many pests including ants, millipedes, and beetles. It only takes a few minutes to clear these items away from your house, and it can make a major difference.

3. Trim Weeds and Overgrown Vegetation

Not only is it important to mow the grass frequently, but it is also crucial to keep weeks, shrubs, and other vegetation trimmed as much as possible. If you do not have time to completely trim all of the plants around your yard, you can focus primarily on the vegetation closest to the foundation and entryways of your home.

Weeds, long grasses, and overgrown shrubs become a great habitat for pests such as fleas, ticks, ants, and many others. Some of these pests will use the placement of these plants to latch on to people or animals that leave and enter the house. The plants concealing the foundation of the house could also be hiding signs of moisture or pest damage, and can make it more difficult for inspectors to assess the property.

4. Store Wood Away From the House

If you keep any type of fire wood, or even wooden gardening supplies, adjacent to the house, relocating these items can be a good spring cleaning project. Having these items right next to the house creates opportunities for termites, ants, and other insects to nest and potentially invade your house. You can protect your home by creating a storage area for wooden items as far from the house as possible.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Yard In Louisiana & Mississippi

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