Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

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With spring just around the corner, it’s time to clean away the remains of what winter has left behind and get your house ready for the coming of the new season. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning out cupboards and storing winter clothes. It is more about cleaning your house from top to bottom, and that includes ensuring that your house is pest- and insect-free. In order to prevent these pesky pests from making a shelter out of your home, here is a spring cleaning checklist to guide you:

Eliminate stagnant water

Leaking roofs, faucets, and showers will cause pools of water to build up in tiny, unnoticeable areas of the house, resulting in mold spores and musty smell. This is exactly the kind of environment mosquitos thrive in, which is why you need to find out the source of the water in order to fix it.

Control moisture

Pests are attracted to moisture and high humidity. This is why you see them often in damp basements, wet bathrooms, and drip plates under A/C and refrigerator units. Install a dehumidifier in your house to remove moisture, and you will keep these moisture-loving pests away from your home.

Keep firewood away from the house

Many insects, such as powder post beetles, wood borers, carpenter ants, and termites use firewood as a shelter because of its high moisture content. Although these insects are highly unlikely to destroy the structural wood foundation of your home, it pays to still remain vigilant. Make sure to bring in just the right amount of firewood inside and use it right away. Also, avoid storing firewood in the home.

Seal up cracks

To prevent pests from attacking the home, seal up the cracks and gaps in concrete surfaces through caulking. Caulking is your first line of defense against bugs. Caulk the gaps that surround window and door frames, and the spaces in between floor boards.

Remove decaying wood

Furniture or structural foundation that is made up of dry wood can decay if it is constantly exposed to moisture, especially in areas that are poorly ventilated or improperly sealed. Rotting wood attracts pests that like to live in moisture-rich environments. If the rotten wood is part of the structural foundation of the house, then it is best to replace it for the safety of the people living inside.

Deep clean kitchen

Stored food is attractive to pests, so store the dry ingredients in your pantry such as flour, grains, and sugar in tight containers. Throw away food scraps and trash as often as you can outdoors using garbage containers that have secure lids on top.

Clean out basement

Pests absolutely thrive in water and moisture, so aside from regularly vacuuming the basement, inspect it for signs of water leakage and fix them.



Trim back shrubs

Shrubs that have not been trimmed can house a multitude of insects, and if these are planted near your home, they can invade and disrupt your household. These pests use overgrown vegetation as their bridge from the ground to the walls of your home, where they can easily get in through cracks and crevices.

Replace broken screens

Inspect the whole house to find out how the pests are getting in—it could be something as simple as broken screens, which can be easily repaired. Take it one step further by installing wire mesh in areas that can be easily accessed to prevent pests from sneaking in.

Check vents

Inspect the vents and exhaust fans in the washing room, bathroom, and kitchen to see if they are still working properly. These vents could get stuck and, therefore, become another way for pests to come into your home.

Tree care

Check your front and back yard to see if there are any overhanging tree branches as raccoons can use them to get to your roof and attic.

Protect recyclables

Recycling is all well and good, but you need to ensure that empty cans and bottles have been thoroughly cleaned before storing and that there’s no water left behind in your recycled containers.

Clean pet bowls

Your household pets’ food is another source of food for unwelcome pests. As soon as your pets are done eating, clean their bowls to prevent pests from picking up any leftovers.

To prevent pests from invading your home, keep these tips in mind when doing your spring cleaning. For more free tips like these, and to ensure that your home remains pest-free even after you’re done with spring cleaning, sign up for pest control services with Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”.

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