The Benefits of Fall Tree Fertilization and Treatments

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When it comes to your trees and shrubs, you already know that they can add significant value and curb appeal to your home. While summer and springtime care is a given, many don’t realize that the fall is another important time for fertilizing and treating your trees.

Spring Is Good, but Fall Is Better

While most believe that spring is the best time to fertilize trees and shrubs, the late fall has quickly become accepted as another important time if you want to see great results next year. When you fertilize trees late in the fall, typically around one month after the first major frost, you are providing them with the nutrients they need for optimal health.

Trees devote the fertilizer applied in the spring to nourishing and maintaining new foliage growth. However, by late fall, all of the leaves are typically gone, and there is no more active growth occurring. This means that the fertilizer added now can be used to boost root development, and build stronger resistance to disease. If all of the fertilizer is not used for these functions, it will remain in the roots so that it is available when the warmer weather indicates that it is time to start growing again.

Customized Root Zone Tree Fertilization

Now that you understand why tree fertilization is so important in the fall, it’s time to see how our customized horticulture program benefits your trees in the best ways possible. The first step in proper fertilization is to make sure that your trees receive the proper nutrients at the roots.

A properly developed zone root fertilizer will provide your trees with the finest and most potent fertilizers available to ensure they have everything they need for improving their root systems and disease resistance. By applying the treatment at the roots, it ensures that the required nutrients are available where they are needed most.

Trunk Injection Program

Fall is also a great time for utilizing trunk injections. The injection assists with fighting off specific pests that are found within trees year round, while also providing protection against harmful fungi that can crop up when the weather is wet. Additionally, proper trunk injections are designed to correct nutrient imbalances that can cause your trees to have discolored leaves, poor growth, and stunted flowering.

Like fertilizing, the application of these injections in the fall provides the trees with the nutrients they need when they can focus on using them where they are needed most, rather than for new foliage. During the fall, these injected materials move through the tree’s vascular system more quickly, providing improved results.

Fall Dormant Oil

Fall dormant oil is not a fertilizer, but it does provide protection for your trees that boosts their health. This horticultural oil is applied to control over-wintering insects that can be tough to get rid of during other times of the year. The dormant oil manages the insects when they are at their weakest, preventing them from causing damage when the spring thaws hit.

If you are trying to help your trees look more lush and full every spring, you need to ensure that they receive the proper nutrients and fertilizing treatments in the late fall. This will help your trees by giving them what they need, when they can best use them to improve their health, develop stronger root systems, and increase their disease tolerance.

Find out how a customized tree and shrub program can benefit your trees in the fall, and every other season by calling Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” today for a free assessment for your trees and their fertilization needs.

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