The Proper Way to Conduct a Bed Bug Inspection

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Find out how a thorough bed bud inspection should take place before the pest control company shows up to do it!

We certainly do not need to waste your time trying to convince you that bed bugs are not something you want in your home. Who would want microscopic parasites crawling into their beds and biting them in their sleep?

Unfortunately, these tiny bed intruders are extremely difficult to find and eliminate from the home and many people get frustrated with the whole process of trying to get rid of these pests.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” helps the people in Mississippi and Louisiana get rid of bed bugs with their straightforward “Get Them Out!” treatment program, and in this article we’ll take a closer look about how we conduct these inspections in hopes that it helps you.

The problem with finding bed bugs…

Not only are bed bugs very small, roughly the size of an apple seed, but also they are able to squeeze into the tiniest cracks and crevices. They especially love to hide deep within your mattresses, box springs, and other pieces of furniture, but they will also live within any openings along your floors and walls, and many other places within your house.

As it should, a Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” bed bug inspection starts by thoroughly checking your bed, of course. This includes looking under the bed, and along the bedframe and headboard for signs of damage, feces, or the bugs themselves. We will also check the seams, tufts, and any rips along your mattresses and box springs.

After checking the bed, we will move along to other areas of the house.

Similar to the bed, we will check the seams and tufts in the cushions of upholstered furniture, removing any coverings. We will also check other linens where the bugs could be hiding, including any wall hangings and window treatments. Our team will also look in other pieces of furniture, removing drawers and checking all joints. The cracks and crevices along posters, mirrors, and other framed decorations will also be inspected.

Forcing Bed Bugs Out of Cracks and Crevices

As mentioned, these bugs are excellent at squeezing down into the tightest of spaces. As we check every possible crease and pocket in your home, including along cracks in the walls, inside outlets and light switches, and in clocks and phones, we will work to actually force any hidden bugs out of these areas if they are present.

Our bed bug control professionals can sometimes accomplish this goal just be swiping the cracks and crevices with various tools. If we are not able to clear away the bugs manually, the Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” hot blower will certainly do the trick. Of course, eliminating the bugs we find during inspection will not fully eradicate the bed bug problem, and that is why after inspection, we move on to treatments.

Creating A Treatment Plan

The inspection process gives us a great idea as to the severity of your bed bug problem, and where they are most concentrated. Using this information, we can then plan the most effective bed bug treatment plan possible for your home. We use portable steamers, specialized application equipment, and many other state-of-the-art tools to guarantee that your home will be free of bed bugs.

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