Why Are Louisiana Spiders So Active in Late Summer?

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Look around right now – can you find the spider?

In fact, you’re never more than 12 feet from a spider here in southern Louisiana!

That may sound creepy when you think about it, but the summer months are a heyday for spiders in Louisiana. Here’s why.

Spiders Like Warm Weather

The first reason that Louisiana spiders are so active in late summer is that they love our hot weather.

Spiders are cold-blooded, so they can’t regulate their own body temperatures. Without heat from the sun, they would freeze. So when summer comes, they are outside, soaking up heat and moving around, making the most of all that energy.

Their metabolisms speed up when they are warmer, so they need more food. By late summer, when weather gets hottest, they’ve been eating and getting exercise and warmth for months.

There is Plenty of Food

The second reason that spiders in the area are so active in the later summer months is that other insects are very active during this time – again, likely due to the warmth of the season.

One of spiders’ better qualities is that they eat other insects – so when those bugs are out and about, spiders capture as much food as they can.

All this food not only fuels spiders before winter, but they also leave behind “snacks” for their young, which will hatch later in the year.

If you have a garden, you have probably noticed that late summer is when many plants start to get damaged by pests like whiteflies, saddleback caterpillars, and lace bugs – these are exactly the types of insects that spiders love to eat.

Keeping Spiders Away

If the idea of being only 12 feet away from a spider is too much to bear, you may want to know how you can keep spiders away. The first and best method for all pest control is to eliminate the pest’s food source.

Since spiders eat other insects like termites, ants, and fleas, getting rid of these pests with a pest control service gets rid of spider food. Without all that easy food, spiders will move on.

Next, go after their homes. Cobwebs are spiders’ home bases, where they not only live, but also where they hunt and eat their food. If you just sweep cobwebs away during your regular cleaning session most spiders will just rebuild.

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we get rid of spiders for good using a tool called a “Webster”, which is like an extended dust mop.  It’s treated with arachnicide, a pest repellent and toxin that is specific to spiders. It kills any spiders that are immediately in the vicinity, and also acts as a barrier to keep any new ones from showing up.

It’s like a barrier treatment for mosquitos , which both suppresses the existing mosquitos, and prevents new mosquitoes from being attracted to the area.

Ready to Get Rid of Spiders for Good?

If your own efforts to reduce spider food sources and get rid of cobwebs haven’t made you feel more comfortable, we are happy to help! Contact us online, talk to us live on our website, or give us a call at 800-391-2565. We have decades of experience in pest control and lawn care, and can help you analyze where spiders may be entering your home, and how to address the situation for good.


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