Why Food Service Companies in Louisiana & Mississippi Can’t Afford to Cut Corners on Pest Control

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Our Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast region is known for great food and restaurants.  Locals know that with so much good competition out there, restaurants have to provide great food and a great atmosphere all at a competitive price.

With so much at stake, restaurants in Louisiana and Mississippi can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to pest control.  After all, there is a reason that restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry, go out of business after they have a pest problem exposed. People tend to remember when a business has a pest infestation, especially when it’s on the local news or blasted all over social media.

 As if competitive pressure and the looming threat of finding your restaurant on Facebook with unwanted comments isn’t enough, there are plenty of other good reasons that restaurants can’t afford to cut corners with pest control including:

#1 – Protect the Health of Your Customers

Even if consumers do not actually see a pest, they can still be negatively affected by a rodent or insect problem within a food service space. As a recent Dateline NBC story explains, things like rodents and roaches aren’t just gross; they can spread germs and bacteria from food to food.

The pests in the restaurant or food servicing plant can cause consumers to contract sometimes serious illnesses. Not only is it ethically important to protect the health of your patrons, but improving health practices is also essential for protecting the business. Some customers may begin spreading the word that they contracted food poisoning after eating food produced at the location, causing business to dwindle.

#2 – Improving the Company Brand

Obviously, having a clean and pest free restaurant will greatly reduce the risk that customers will ever have their experience with your company marred by pests. Instead of making headlines for being unsanitary; your business can develop a reputation for cleanliness and quality.

Also, Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” uses eco-friendly treatments and practices with a focus on protecting their clients and the environment. Consumers are increasingly taking notice of the businesses that choose environmentally friendly services.

#3 – Educating Employees

Professional pest control companies are often willing to do much more than just treat the property once and leave. Companies like Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” aim to become a long-term resource for information and support. This includes providing educational resources to help the businesses reduce their risk of future pest infestations.

It is essential that every employee understand how to keep food containers properly sealed and other techniques that will make the environment less inviting for bugs, rodents and other pests. A commercial pest control company can consult with your business to develop tips for prevention.

Why Food Service Companies in Louisiana & Mississippi Can’t Afford to Cut Corners on Pest Control In Louisiana & Mississippi

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