Why Haven’t You Treated Your Home for Termites Yet?

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Termites are one of the worst things that a homeowner can find in their home. They are prolific, destructive, and depending on the breed, they can be notoriously hard to kill. When dealing with termites, you are going to need a variety of treatments for all the different threats these menacing insects can pose.

Whether they are chewing through your walls, crawling up your gutters, or burrowing under your home, you will want to be a thorough as possible in eliminating your termite problem.

DIY is Not an Option

This isn’t an ant infestation where you can lay out some simple granules and call it a day. This is because there are multiple treatments for multiple situations of termites. You may need to use a special foam for your walls, or perhaps a gas for your entire home. What about the ones that might be living in your yard, or by your pipes?

Because it is impossible to know exactly where the nest may be or how far it has spread, you need to make sure you use a comprehensive treatment for your property, and this is why you need to bring in a professional.

Professional Treatment Options

There are two main termite treatments you can purchase, Sentricon and Termidor. Both are effective, but Termidor is considered the cheaper and more effective option. People like Sentricon because it involves coring and can be used in deeper situations, such as within beams and foundations, but Termidor is relatively less expensive, and does not lose its effectiveness in rain, wind, or cold.

That being said, a proper termite treatment may use both to help eliminate problems from your home. It depends on the species of termite you are dealing with, and the size of the nest. Again, this is why having a professional come in and evaluate the situation is so important.

If you live in the southeast and are experiencing termites, you need to consider the Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Service Guarantee. We go through a rigorous five point inspection of your home, in which we will not only locate the nest, but also determine why they are there and how to draw them away. We will locate any moisture problems your home may have that would attract termites, and then through a Termidor application remove the termites from your home.

In only three months, this exhaustive process will have killed any and all termites, and your home will finally be free of these pests.

Get Rid of Termites Once and For All

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” guarantees our services from the moment the treatments are applied. Our experts go to work immediately, and will not only stand by our promise to eliminate termites 100% from your home, but we also offer a warranty of $750,000 on damages from termites that may occur after.

This means that if your home ever does become infested after we’ve done our job, we will cover the cost of the damage. That’s how committed we are, and how sure of our solution. Once you treat your home with the Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” process, your home will be free of termites, period.

Termites can destroy a home and ruin your property values. If you suspect you have termites, don’t delay. Call for a home inspection and consider your options. Remember, a little bit spent on termite removal and treatment now can mean thousands saved in the future.

It’s your home, and you should be able to protect if from any invader, large or small. Don’t let termites eat you out of your home. Get the treatment you need now, before it’s too late.

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