Winter Tree Fertilization

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Believe it or not, winter is the right time of year to start fertilizing your trees for new growth in the following spring.

The reason?

You want the tree to have time to soak up all those nutrients and start metabolizing them, before the spring growth begins. Here at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, our customized tree care programs include root zone fertilization that starts right now.


Why Root Fertilization is Key for Healthy Trees

In the winter, top growth (or the growth of the part of the plant that you see) is what slows down. The trees stop producing leaves and flowers, and goes dormant as the temperature drops. However, this doesn’t mean the tree is dead, or that it isn’t busy soaking up nutrients still. Even during the winter, the roots are busy storing away everything the tree needs to bloom in the spring time.

Having a strong root system helps keep your trees healthy, and helps protect your lawn as well. That’s why winter fertilization is one of the key parts of good landscaping maintenance. It ensures that your trees stay in great shape during the stressful winter months.

What We Need to Get Started

The only thing we truly need to fertilize a tree is for the soil to be over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the nutrients we use in our fertilizer will be able to penetrate the soil and get down to the roots of your tree.

There are different types of fertilizers that we use for different types of trees, however all are made up of similar nutrients that plants need.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as manganese and magnesium, are generally present in every fertilizer. The exact ratio of each nutrient will depend on the type of tree, as well as what specific issues you want to address. For example, some fertilizers really push trees to stimulate new branch growth, while others focus on strengthening trees against insect damage.

The way that we determine what type of fertilizer to use is to do a soil test to find out which nutrients are lacking in your yard.

The Benefits of Fertilizing Trees

In addition to promoting growth and strengthening your trees, there are several other benefits to fertilizing your trees. Those include:

  • Reducing weed growth around the tree, which helps prevent your lawn from becoming infested as well. It also allows the trees to get more of the water and other nutrients throughout the warmer months.
  • Promoting better water absorption. Fertilizer also helps strengthen the roots, which helps them to absorb water better. That means you’ll have a yard that is dry, rather than soggy, which not only is better for your plants, but can also cut back on mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Saving money on new plants. If you maintain the trees you have now with a fertilization treatment, you’ll save more money than if you had to replace dead or damaged trees down the road.
  • Adding to your curb appeal. It’s no secret that healthy, beautiful trees, especially those that provide shade, are great for curb appeal. If you are trying to sell or rent a property, having well-maintained trees can be a huge help.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Tree and Shrub Services

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we offer the right fertilization at the right time to take advantage of your tree’s most active season of collecting nutrients. In addition to root zone fertilization, we also provided trunk injection fertilization, to correct nutritional imbalances and control pests.

You can call us today for an estimate or free assessment at 855-969-5562, or learn more about our tree and shrub services here.

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