Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

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Signs that you have a cockroach infestation in New Orleans, SE Louisiana and Mississippi by Fischer EnvironmentalKnowledge is a powerful weapon when it comes to preventing cockroach infestations in your home. If you don’t know where cockroaches like to live or what they eat, you can put as many roach motels and traps out as you like, but you’ll never get rid of the problem. If you think that killing the one roach you saw killed the problem, you’re sorely mistaken.

Fischer Environmental has the answers you need to common questions and misconceptions about cockroach infestations. Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to get rid of any cockroaches that have invaded your home and prevent future infestations, too.

Where Do Cockroaches Live?

Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal insects, which is why they scatter and scuttle toward dark corners when you turn on a light. They prefer dark, moist environments for their homes, especially ones that provide easy nourishment and accessible, warm hiding places.

Cockroaches can survive on a lot of different materials. They eat food, garbage, wallpaper paste, paper, bookbinding materials, and other organic materials. So, if you have a stack of newspapers in the garage that’s been exposed to moisture, you’ve created the perfect roach hideout.

Roaches particularly prefer moist environments, so if you have sweating pipes or places in your basement with standing water, you need to clean them up and dry them out if you want to get rid of cockroaches and keep them away.

Roaches also gravitate toward small nooks and crannies. They’ll hide under the sink, in the walls, and within cracks in the floor, too. If you want to make sure that roaches don’t get into your home, check and plug up holes in the walls and foundation of your home that could allow roaches in from outside.

I Killed a Cockroach in my Kitchen – Do I Have an Infestation?

Yes. Unfortunately, if you saw one, there are at least a hundred (and probably more) very nearby. Now, you may have just killed the first roach to get into your home, but that’s not likely, and even if you did there are more on their way.

Why? Your home is attractive to cockroaches for at least one of the following reasons:

  • It’s accessible from the outside and provides a warm environment.
  • Food and crumbs are left out, providing an easy food source.
  • You have damp, warm, dark places for cockroaches to live and hide.
  • To get rid of your cockroach problem, you’re going to need to do some serious cleaning. You can try to kill the roaches you have with boric acid and traps, but you really need to make the environment less attractive to them.
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Signs of a Cockroach Infestation In Louisiana & Mississippi

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