What Are The Benefits Of Aerating Your Lawn?


Benefits of Lawn Aeration from Presto-X Most homeowners want to have a healthy, attractive lawn on their property, and will expend great effort in the pursuit of the perfect lawn. For some properties, even with all of the effort that goes into cultivating and maintaining the grass, it seems that they can never get that beautiful lawn that they desire. There is much more that goes into making a good lawn than having adequate sun and water, and a professional lawn care company can help you determine exactly how to make your lawn thrive.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” provides lawn care services in the New Orleans region and our experts can build a custom plan to help your lawn reach its full potential. If you find that your lawn is still having problems in spite of all of your efforts, then aeration services could be one of the keys to improving the quality.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

When soil becomes too compacted or dense, it deprives the root system of the nutrients, water, air, and room that it needs to grow. Even if the soil is good and you are taking the time to provide water, fertilizer, and other treatments, it won’t help if the soil itself is inhibiting the flow of water and air.

When you aerate the lawn, it helps to restore the flow of air, water, and nutrients, while also giving the root system the space that it needs to grow. This helps to build a stronger root system, making healthier grass and a better-looking lawn.

How It Works

In the most basic sense, the practice of lawn aeration involves punching holes or divots into the soil to restore the flow of air and water to the roots. Some aeration processes use a spike to simply poke a hole into the soil, while others use a tool called a plug to remove a core from the soil.

While this may sound simple enough, there is more to it than going around the yard and poking holes in the ground. An expert lawn care professional will be able to identify different areas of concern and they will know how to strategically place the holes to have the greatest effect. Additionally, they will understand the proper timing, spacing, and patterning of the aeration process.

Tips for Aerating

Like we mentioned above, there is more to aerating a lawn than just punching the holes. A professional lawn care company can recognize the different soil and grass conditions that determine where to place the holes, and identifying the type of grass will determine the timing.

  • Different types of grass grow better at different times of the year. If you are going to aerate a lawn, you want the treatment to coincide with the grasses prime growing season.
  • Additionally, you want to try to remove or treat all of the weeds that are in the lawn before you aerate. The prime growing conditions that aeration provides will not only improve the health and growth of your grass, but it can also provide a better environment for the existing weeds.
  • Aeration will also be most beneficial if performed prior to fertilizing and reseeding the lawn. The aeration process will help the fertilizer to penetrate the soil better, and it will also provide a better environment for the new grass seed to grow.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Lawn Aeration Services

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” specializes in advanced lawn care practices. We employ aeration as a part of a multifaceted strategy to help restore and improve the lawn on any property. With expert lawn care technicians, we analyze your lawn, craft a tailored lawn care plan, and apply treatments to get the best results possible.

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