Tree & Shrub Service From Fischer Environmental

Serving the Louisiana & Mississippi Gulf Coast for Over 60 Years

FISCHER has the Experience and Skill to Treat Complex Landscapes!

The FISCHER Environmental Tree and Shrub Care program consists of four specifically designed and scheduled applications per year.  Our program is specifically designed to care for trees and shrubs throughout our service area which includes southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

FISCHER’s highly skilled landscape specialists are trained to recognize and treat a variety of diseases, insect, climatic and maintenance problems.

Our Customized Program

FISCHER’s full service tree and shrub service provides a program specifically designed to enhance and protect your landscape. This program includes regularly scheduled visits, plus the finest horticultural products and materials available.

  • Customized root zone fertilization for all your trees and shrubs.
  • Targeted insect treatment in the spring and summer to keep your plants at their very best.
  • Trunk injection program to correct nutrient imbalances, control pests and enhance overall health and color of your trees.
  • Fall Dormant Oil. A special application of horticultural oil by our trained professionals to control certain difficult insects during their “over-wintering” stage.

You’ll add to the value of your home with stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Get to the ROOT of Your Problem!

Each of FISCHER’s applications provides a very important and timely function, from fertilization, to pest and disease control.

Call Us today – (800) 391-2565 for a free assessment and control estimate or just Contact Fischer Environmental, providing tree service throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.