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Weeds are simply defined as unwanted plants. Typically, weeds that are growing well in your lawn are native plants that have room to grow and the environmental or cultural conditions that favor their development. Very often, the conditions that favor the development of the weeds are also conditions that lead to the decline of the turfgrass. The decline of the turfgrass provides the weeds room to grow. As an example, crabgrass and dollar weeds thrive under very wet conditions. St. Augustine and Bahia turfgrasses will usually become infected with various fungi under very wet conditions. In this situation, the wet conditions lead to the decline of the turfgrass giving the weeds the room to grow and provide the perfect growing environment for the crabgrass and dollar weed. It is a well-known and documented fact that the first step of weed control is a thick and healthy lawn provided by the implementation of good cultural practices.

The most common environmental or cultural conditions that favor weed development are excessive moisture, inadequate moisture, mowing too low and insufficient sunlight. Weeds that thrive under very wet conditions include crabgrass, dollar weed, sedge, and many more. Weeds that thrive under dry conditions include Alexander grass, Florida and Brazil pusley, and spurge. Many weeds will thrive under low mowing conditions since this practice will directly thin the turf. Weeds that thrive under low light conditions would include annual jew grass and many of the typically winter annual broadleaf weeds such as Asiatic hawksbeard.

Correcting these cultural conditions can be as simple as reducing or increasing your watering, or raising your mower blade. Or it may be as involved as installing an underground system to improve drainage, or thinning the canopy of your trees. There are even situations where an area may simply not be suitable for growing turfgrass such as areas where it is not possible to increase the amount of light the lawn is receiving. In these cases planting a different plant material may be the best approach. The foregoing information regarding proper watering and mowing practices is extremely important in regards to weed control.

Our lawn care programs can greatly effect the health of your lawn. We can control insects and provide proper nutrition. When needed, we can treat fungus problems that may arise from time to time; we can even prevent winter annual weeds that will appear with the coming of the cool season and control the occasional spots of crabgrass in the summer. However, chronic weed problems created by the effects of poor cultural or environmental conditions cannot be overcome by the use of pesticides or herbicides. In these situations, if weed control is ever expected to be achieved, the condition favoring the development of the weed must be identified and corrected.

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