Sentricon Termite Elimination in Mandeville, LA

From Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental

Pest Control in Mandeville from Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental width=Termites are highly invasive and extremely destructive. They’re also very good at hiding, and often aren’t detected until a building is extremely damaged. Many homeowners don’t realize that once termites take up residence in your house, they won’t be satisfied with just the wood – they’ll also do damage to virtually anything made of cloth or paper.

Fortunately, Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental offers Sentricon termite elimination in Mandeville. Sentricon is a subterranean system that has been battling termites since 1995.

What Are the Advantages of the Sentricon System?

First of all, the Sentricon System was developed by Dow AgroSciences, and only extensively trained, authorized operators are permitted to use the system. If you are looking for a company that does Sentricon termite elimination in Mandeville, Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental can help.

Secondly, the Sentricon System is environmentally friendly. Some termite elimination systems require the use of vast quantities of chemicals, but the Sentricon System can eliminate termites with just a few grams of active ingredient, strategically placed.

How Does the Sentricon System Work?

The Sentricon System is a termite baiting technique that works underground. Termites love cellulose-based food, and in a termite colony, there are workers (similar to the workers in an ant colony) that do nothing but look for cellulose-based food. When a worker finds such food, it rings the dinner bell by leaving a scent at the food source that summons its fellow workers. They chew the food and then return to the colony, where they regurgitate it. Then everyone chows down. Yes, it sounds nasty. But then, termites are nasty little creatures.

An authorized operator, when carrying out Sentricon termite elimination in Mandeville, will place bait stations in the soil, and bait them with noviflumuron-impregnated cellulose material. The noviflumuron disrupts the growth cycle of the termites by preventing them from molting. If a termite can’t molt, it dies. In this way, the colony is destroyed.

Your System for Peace of Mind

With a company like Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental acting as an authorized operator for Sentricon termite elimination in Mandeville, you can rest assured that your termite problem will become a thing of the past. Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental is there for you 24/7, just a phone call away.

If you think you may have termites, don’t let it go until it’s too late. Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental is your company for Sentricon termite elimination in Mandeville. We’re here to help, so call us today at 800-391-2565 for a free consultation.

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