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Pest Control in Mandeville from Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental width=Companies offering termite control in Mandeville know that one of the most important elements when it comes to offering homeowners the right treatment is first identifying what type of termites are in the area and doing the damage. In Louisiana, you will find two destructive types of termites – Formosan subterranean termites and arid land subterranean termites. These species are quite different, and it takes a professional touch for positive identification.

What Are Arid Land Subterranean Termites?

Many areas of Louisiana, including Mandeville, are in prime arid land subterranean termite territory. They are very common and very destructive. They tend to swarm between January and March, and they can live in many different climates. They have been found in places as diverse as sand dunes and alongside rivers.

What Are Formosan Subterranean Termites?

These termites are the most dangerous and aggressive species in the area, and they can damage a house very quickly. These termites did not actually originate in the U.S., although they have a firm foothold here now. They are actually a Chinese species imported to the United States. They can develop very large nests and have a never-ending appetite. They can cause timber damage to buildings, as well as electrical damage because they will chew right through electrical cabling.

What Should You Look For?

When you are trying to determine whether you have any termite damage on your property, you will want to look closely at any exposed timber. Look for evidence of damage, such as holes and sawdust from where the termites chewed through the wood. Look for any signs of nesting on the property, such as termite mounds. Look for mud tunnels leading toward your home as well. These are some of the simplest things that homeowners can look for. However, just because you may not see these does not mean you are safe. It’s always a better idea to work with a professional who knows and understands the methods that termites use.

You do not want to neglect any potential problems that might be there. Ignoring issues will bring nothing but trouble in the end, and it could end up costing you your entire home if you are not careful.

Work With a Professional for All Termites and Pests

Even if you don’t think that you have any termite problems right now, that does not mean you are safe. It can actually take several years for a colony to develop fully and get to the point where it will enter the home and start doing damage. The best course of action is to get an inspection now, just to check out the property for any potential signs of a growing colony. Having a regular inspection, at least once a year or so, is a good idea, as it can end up saving a substantial amount of money, not to mention heartbreak, in the future.

When you look for termite control in Mandeville, make sure that they actually have experience with termites, and that they can explain to you exactly what they will be doing on your property. They should be able to unveil the mystery behind dealing with termites and let you know about the different treatment options that are available.

Termites are no laughing matter. They are destructive, dangerous, and they are unfortunately plentiful in Louisiana. Take the time to find great termite control in Mandeville and make them a part of your regular home maintenance program. Just as you keep up with the paint and landscaping, as well as the condition of your roof and pavement, you have to do the same with regular maintenance for potential termite problems.

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