Termite Inspections in Mandeville, LA

From Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental

According to the Louisiana Ag Center, termites can cause major structural damage to a home in just 6 short months. Many times, the homeowner won’t suspect the presence of termites until they realize that there is wood damage in their house. By this time, it can be expensive to eliminate the termites and repair the damage they’ve caused.

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, call us today.  Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental offers free termite inspections in Mandeville, LA from our local team of experts.

Do I Need a Termite Inspection?

If you’ve noticed what look like mud tunnels on the concrete or brick areas of your home, this is an indication that termites are present – they use the tunnels to travel to food sources. Damaged wood is obviously a red flag, as is the presence of discarded wings (termites fly in their swarming stage and then drop the wings, which may be near light sources like windows and indoor lamps). You might also see nests outside. The presence of any of these indicators means that you should definitely have your home inspected by a professional, and you should do it quickly because it doesn’t take long for the damage to become catastrophic, and your home insurance policy will not cover termite damage. Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental brings expertise and professionalism to termite inspections in Mandeville homes.

What Can I Expect During a Termite Inspection?

Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental uses state-of-the-art technology because it’s not enough to just do a visual check. Termite inspections in Mandeville homes begin with the use of an infrared (IR) scanner, which enables our experts to see below the surface. These scanners take a picture, or thermal image, which shows weakened areas in walls, insulation, and other areas. Then, if the inspector sees signs of damage, a fiber optic scope may be used to look a bit deeper.

Finally, a moisture meter might be used in order to determine the amount of moisture around windows and doors, and in the walls and the insulation. If there are leaks, they could have been caused by termites, or termites could be attracted to them since termites require significant moisture in order to live.

What is the Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental Advantage?

Many companies operate on the principle that termite inspections in Mandeville can begin and end with a simple look around, and they may even charge you a fee for that cursory examination. Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental will use everything available in their termite-detecting arsenal, and will not charge you for the inspection. If termites are detected, then we can talk about measures that can be taken to get rid of them.

If you think you might have termites in your home, please don’t hesitate. Call Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental 24/7 at 800-391-2565 to arrange for your free inspection – you’ll be glad you did.

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