Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard


Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard - Mosquito prevention tips by Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental in New Orleans, SE Louisiana & MississippiIt’s that time of year. The weather is balmy and warm. During the day you might want to stay inside in the air conditioning, but the weather is perfect for grilling out and sitting outside on the patio or in the yard with friends, family, and neighbors.

Of course, mosquitoes also come along with the warm weather. It seems like you have a choice between suffering from swollen, itchy bites and worrying about the viruses that mosquitoes can carry, or spraying on smelly chemicals. Bug spray may keep the mosquitoes at bay for a while, but the smell and greasy residue aren’t that enticing for humans, either. Fortunately, there are better ways to handle mosquitoes than bug spray. Follow these great tips for controlling the mosquito population in your yard, and you’ll have an itch-free summer.

Protecting Your Yard from Mosquitoes

There are many things mosquitoes are attracted to in your yard. Here are our top tips for long-term prevention:

  1. Remove sources of standing water: Mosquitoes need to breed in water, and they will use any size puddle or container to do so, including planters, buckets, ponds, and tarps. If you have standing water in your yard that you’d like to keep, like a pond or birdbath, consider adding bacteria that can kill mosquito larvae.
  2. Plant natural mosquito repellents: There are many plants that mosquitoes find repulsive, including rosemary, citronella, and marigolds.
  3. Get the air moving: Mosquitoes do not like wind or breezes! If you have a covered patio, consider installing a ceiling fan or place an outdoor standing fan to move around the air.
  4. Light citronella candles: While this is not a long-term solution, citronella candles can temporarily keep mosquitoes away.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you use a combination of the above tips, you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but some mosquitoes seem to be more tenacious than others. If you still have mosquitoes in your backyard after all of this work, it’s time to talk to a pest control expert about specific chemicals or further solutions to test. The team at Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental can help you say goodbye to your mosquito population and hello to enjoyable time in your backyard!

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