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Hornets are the largest wasps with some species measuring up to 2.2″ in length. Hornets build paper nests at least three feet off of the ground, usually in hollow trees, shrubs, on overhangs, sheds, houses, utility poles, barns, inside walls of houses, attics, and abandoned beehives. Hornets can do a great deal of damage to trees and shrubs because they strip the bark to get to the sap. They also use the bark fiber to build their nests.

hornetHornets, like many social wasps, can mobilize the entire nest to sting in defense, making hornets highly dangerous to humans.

A hornet’s sting is painful and the toxicity varies greatly by hornet species. As with all stinging wasps, hornets can sting multiple times and do not die after stinging a human, as is typical for a bee. Hornets can bite while stinging at the same time.

Some hornets deliver a typical insect sting, while others are among the most venomous known insects. Allergic reactions to the sting can be fatal in severe cases.

It is not advisable to kill a hornet anywhere near a nest, as the distress signal can trigger the entire nest to attack. Materials that come in contact with pheromones, such as clothes, skin, dead prey, or hornets, must be removed from the vicinity of the hornet’s nest.

If you find a hornets nest on your home or property do not attempt to remove it on your own as this will aggravate the colony and cause them to attack. Contact a licensed pest management professional to remove the nest.

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