Drain Fly


Characteristics: Small flies with moth-like appearance.


  • Breeds in sewers, floor drains, basements and washrooms.

Drain Fly – SE Louisiana and Mississippi

At first glance, you may think the drain fly is a moth, given its large antennae and furry appearance. But drain flies (sometimes called “moth flies”) are much smaller and spend most of their time near plumbing drains and sewage systems. Those found in the Louisiana and Mississippi area are not known for biting or otherwise transmitting disease, but they are persistent and difficult to get rid of, making them a nuisance.

Drain Fly Habits

Drain fly larvae like to feed on the scum deposits inside drains. Both larvae and adults are resistant to drowning and certain chemicals, like bleach, due to the repellent properties of the fine hairs on their bodies. The most effective method of control is to eliminate their food source by keeping sinks, tubs and drains clean and clear.