Characteristics: There are 21 species of armadillos, all with varying characteristics and coloring. Armadillos are typically identified by their “shell”, or the plates of armor-like skin that encases the most vulnerable parts of their bodies.


  • Armadillos are burrowing creatures.
  • They typically eat worms, ants, beetle larvae, and termites.
  • When threatened, some species of armadillo curl up protectively, but other species jump into the area.

Armadillo Identification in SE Louisiana and Mississippi

Armadillos are known for two things: their love for digging, and their tendency to curl up when threatened. Armadillos have poor eyesight but a keen sense of smell that they use to dig for grubs, insects, and other invertebrates. Some armadillos eat only termites. They also use their five-clawed paws to dig burrows for their living space. Adult armadillos do not share burrows. After mating, female armadillos will gestate her babies for around 60-120 days, depending on the type of armadillo. Most species give birth to identical quadruplets, though litters from 1-8 armadillos have been documented. The young armadillos are born with soft skin that gradually hardens into the armor-like protective skin of an adult.

Problems with Armadillos

Because armadillos burrow for food and also for shelter, they can become quickly problematic in a backyard or property. Given that adults do not share burrows, a single female armadillo can create (through her offspring) up to eight other burrows within a season! Armadillos do not bite, sting, or otherwise harm humans, but they can ruin a well-landscaped yard in a matter of months.

Armadillo Prevention & Control

Armadillos need to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent landscaping damage. If left to their own devices, armadillos can multiply and thrive, causing substantial destruction. There are multiple methods of eliminating armadillos, but it’s always best to call a professional pest control expert, as they can choose the most effective way to rid your yard of these backyard diggers.