Pine Snake


Actual Size: From 2-8 feet long

Characteristics: Typically light colored, with black, brown, or red splotches.


  • Pine snakes are nonvenomous snakes.
  • They prey primarily on rodents and eggs.
  • Pine snakes prefer to nest in loose soil, and spend 60% of their time underground.

Pine Snake Identification in SE Louisiana and Mississippi

The pine snake has a unique head shape that has a pointed snout and is smaller than its body. Their pointed snout is believed to aid in their digging habits, as pine snakes spend the majority of their time underground. Known as one of the largest snakes in North America, pine snakes are an average of 6 feet long but can grow to be 8 feet long. True to their name, these snakes are often found in pine woods or dry coniferous forests.

Pine Snake Behaviors

Pine snakes hibernate throughout the winter, emerge in spring, and typically go back into hibernation during the fall. They feed on rodents, small mammals, birds, and their eggs, lizards, and insects. Although bites from pine snakes are uncommon, they are known to be extremely aggressive. When approached, they will hiss, shake their tails, and strike if threatened.

Preventing Pine Snakes from Returning to Your Property

Attempting to remove snakes from your property without the help of professionals can be a very costly mistake. Of course, one of the biggest dangers is that the snake will be venomous, and you or someone else could be bitten during the process. Even in Louisiana & Mississippi, venomous snakes are fairly rare, but they are present and a pest control expert will be able to correctly identify the species and implement the correct trapping and removal techniques.

There are additional problems that could arise even if you do successfully trap and remove the snake. The appearance of one snake on your property could be a sign that you have a nest elsewhere. The snake removal specialists at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” can find and eliminate the larger snake problem.

After addressing any existing snake problems within your residential or commercial property, our pest control team will help you to prevent future snake problems. This includes identifying and sealing any areas around your building where snakes could enter and create a nest. We will also provide you with tips that will make your surrounding property less attractive to snakes and other common Louisiana pests.