Fischer Gets Rid of Silverfish

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Silverfish are common throughout the entire United States, but are especially prevalent along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast, as they thrive in moist climates. These teardrop-shaped insects are usually silver or brown in color and have three long bristles on their backs. Infestations of silverfish require professional treatment, and that is exactly what Fischer Environmental provides.

Determining If You Have a Silverfish Problem

Seeing the occasional silverfish around your home does not necessarily mean you have a problem, and it can be someone difficult to detect the presence of silverfish as they are very secretive and tend to hide under objects, especially cardboard boxes. They are largely nocturnal, and hide very well throughout the day.

As mentioned, they are attracted to moisture, so they are most commonly found within bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Homeowners are most likely to detect a silverfish infestation if, when they turn on a light in one of these rooms, silverfish dart across the floor or out of the tub.

Another way that you can determine that you have a silverfish problem in your home is if you begin to notice the damage caused by their eating habits. Silverfish eat carbohydrates and starches, and are known for damaging wallpaper, cardboard, papers, and other feeding on flour, cereal, and pet food.

Reducing Your Chances of Developing a Silverfish Problem

When living in the Louisiana or Mississippi Gulf Coast region, controlling humidity and moisture in the home is always a real challenge. If you want to make your home uninhabitable for silverfish, your best plan of action is to keep it as dry as possible. This may mean using dehumidifiers, or having your home inspected for any roof, foundation, or plumbing leaks. During your Fischer Environmental pest control inspection, we can utilize moisture meters and infrared scanners to determine if you have moisture problems anywhere in your home.

You can also reduce the risk of a silverfish infestation by separating them from their favorite food sources. This can mean cleaning any boxes and other clutter from basement and closet floors, and periodically cleaning and dusting bookshelves and desks where papers and books are left sitting.

In the kitchen, keep normally boxed foods, such as cereals, in sealed plastic containers instead. Silverfish are also known for eating shampoos, so it can help to clean away residues from your bathtub after your shower. A Fischer silverfish control professional can help you determine any other areas that you can improve during your inspection.

Schedule a Pest Control Appointment in Louisiana or Mississippi

Fischer Environmental has been providing silverfish prevention services in Mississippi and Louisiana for over 60 years now. Many homeowners will attempt to address their silverfish problem alone, using traps or store bought insecticides. The problem with these methods is that they only address individual adult silverfish that come in contact with the products. The eggs, larvae, and rest of the colony will still be present, and the infestation will continue.

When you call Fischer Environmental, we will fully assess your pest problem using state-of-the-art technology, and our many years of experience. Our pest control specialists will then devise a treatment and prevention plan that will get rid of the silverfish, and prevent the bugs from returning in the future.

Fischer Environmental provides silverfish prevention services the New Orleans metro area and many other Louisiana cities, as well as throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and treatment by calling 800.391.2565.