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Pest Control in Slidell from Presto-X, formerly Fischer EnvironmentalAll across southern Louisiana, infestations of bed bugs are on the rise at an alarming rate. They are even becoming a bigger problem in the Slidell, Louisiana area.

Overview of Bed Bug Problems

These nasty tiny brownish red bugs have the ability to feed off of all warm-blooded mammals, including humans, and can spread quickly from just a few bugs into a total infestation. The first indicator of being bitten by a bed bug is the site of a swollen, red bite mark at any location on the skin. Additionally, any droplets of blood on bed sheets are also an indicator.

This vile creature that sucks blood has been known to offer humans many sleepless nights. While they do not have the ability to fly, jump, or even spread disease, they need to be eradicated as quickly as possible, before making their way from the bed to every location within the home.

These tiny creatures are often hard to detect where they are harboring or colonizing in the bed or surrounding area. Most of these bed bugs are much tinier than a quarter of an inch in length. Younger bed bugs typically have a light yellow coloring, while older ones are darker, especially after being well fed. Bed bugs typically travel in a group of three or more. Even so, they are often difficult to locate and require a professional bed bug inspection and proper control.

Getting a Handle on the Problem

Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental provides service throughout Slidell and offers a variety of options for dealing with bed bugs. Proper control of bed bugs requires experienced pest controllers that know how to locate every source of bed bugs and use every professional-grade tool available. The professional-grade products are EPA-registered aerosols, dusts and liquids, which are significantly more effective than any bug spray offered by retailers.

Steps to Preventing an Infestation

There are significant steps that any homeowner can take in an effort to avoid the infestation of bed bugs:

  • These nasty creatures are easy to pick up when traveling to other locations and staying in hotels, motels and hostels. If there is any sign of a bed bug bite, or blood droppings found in the morning after spending the night in a hotel or motel, it is best to not bring any luggage into the home until it has been properly handled. This means washing all clothing in hot water, and ensuring the fabric stays heated over 112° for at least an hour, and dried at a hot setting.
  • Avoid purchasing used furniture including upholstered items and bedding. If that is not possible, the item should be thoroughly inspected by a professional exterminator to ensure there are no dead or alive bed bugs, or their casted skin, fecal spots or eggs. Use a plastic covering designed specifically for mattresses and box springs to seal off the bed completely. This will minimize the potential of acquiring bed bugs in the mattress, or seal in the ones that are already there.


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Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental is located in Mandeville, Louisiana in the heart of St. Tammany Parish, and has been serving residents and businesses in Slidell, Louisiana for over 60 years. Our technicians are fully trained in the latest techniques for controlling bed bugs, and are ready to help you eliminate this problem as soon as possible.

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