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Pest Control in Slidell from Presto-X, formerly Fischer EnvironmentalThere are few pests more horror inspiring to the average homeowner than termites. You’ve probably heard horror stories from people who have experienced termite infestations that have ended up costing them in the thousands of dollars in elimination and subsequent repairs. Termites, simply stated, are probably the most potentially destructive insects that could ever decide to take up residence in your home. That’s because they feed on cellulose, which is the main component not only of wood, but also of paper and many types of cloth.

If you suspect that you have an infestation of termites, you’ll be relieved to know that Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental is authorized to carry out Sentricon termite elimination in your Slidell home.

Why Professionals Choose Sentricon

Sentricon comes with a big name behind it. The Sentricon System was developed nearly 20 years ago by Dow AgroSciences. Dow permits only Dow-authorized, trained operators to offer the Sentricon System. Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental is your authorized provider for Sentricon termite elimination in Slidell.

The other benefit of the Sentricon System is that it isn’t harmful to the environment. Some chemical barrier treatments for termite infestations rely on the use of hundreds of gallons of chemical-laden liquids, but Sentricon uses only a small amount of a chemical that, in small quantities, causes no harm to humans but is lethal to termites.

How Does It Work?

A company that is authorized to offer Sentricon termite elimination will send an operator to your home. The operator will place baiting stations at various subterranean locations. The bait consists of a cellulose compound, which termites love, along with a little side dressing of noviflumuron which, if termites were able to detect it, they would most emphatically NOT love. The noviflumuron works on the growth cycle of the termites, preventing them from molting. Termites that can’t molt are not long for this world.

When a worker termite visits the bait station, it eats the poisoned cellulose. Then it tells the other worker termites that dinner is served by leaving pheromones at the bait site. The other workers rush to the meal. When they’re done eating, they go back to the colony and regurgitate the tainted food. The other termites eat the vomit, and soon the entire colony dies.

If You Suspect You Have Termites, Call Today

You shouldn’t postpone dealing with a termite problem. Call Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental today – someone is available 24/7 to speak with you. You deserve peace of mind, so call 800-391-2565 today for a free consultation.

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