When to Call a Snake Exterminator

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When to call a snake exterminator in Louisiana and Mississippi - Snake trapping and removal by Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental in New Orleans, SE Louisiana & Mississippi

It can be very difficult to realize that you have snakes on your property until the problem becomes more severe. Snakes can hide in confined spaces, and prefer avoiding contact with humans. Snakes do leave behind a few signs of their presence, including shed skins. They can cause damage to structures, where they have created their nests.

Identify the Snake Before Removal

The most crucial step in dealing with snakes is to identify them properly. Before attempting to remove or eliminate snakes, identification of poisonous snakes should be determined to avoid you or your loved ones from being bitten.

Call a Professional Pest Removal Company

One of the biggest dangers of DIY removal is that the snake will be venomous, and you or someone else could be bitten during the process. Venomous snakes are fairly rare, even in Louisiana & Mississippi, but a pest control expert will be able to correctly identify the species. After identification, the correct trapping and removal techniques can be used.

There are additional problems that could arise, even if you do successfully trap and remove the snake. The appearance of one snake on your property could be a sign that you have a nest elsewhere. The snake removal specialists at Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental can find and eliminate the larger snake problem, sealing and blocking any existing snake burrows or hiding places.

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When to Call a Snake Exterminator In Louisiana & Mississippi

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