Borate Pre-Treatment Treatment for Termites

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Fischer Environmental’s Bora-Care® Treatment is a proven effective pre-treatment for termites… and headaches.

Why should home builders care about which termite pre-treatment method is used on their jobs? Consider the advantages that come with specifying the Fischer Environmental’s Bora-Care® Treatment for your homes.

Simply put, Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment eliminates more than termites, it eliminates problems. It’s a fact. Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment is a much simpler, highly efficient process that eliminates problems caused by pumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the soil.

Here’s more you should know:

1) Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment eliminates the need to coordinate schedules with cement companies and Fischer.
2) Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment eliminates weather delays.

With traditional soil treatments, builders must plan around the weather. Unlike soil pre-treatments, which must be applied to dry ground after the footers are dug, Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment is applied directly to the wood in a two-foot barrier on the walls, sub-floor, and sill plates during the dried-in phase of construction and before the insulation is installed. Weather is simply not a factor.

3) Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment eliminates the need for crews to leave the job site.

In traditional soil pre-treatments workers are required by law to leave the site during application – and stay away until the application has dried. Because Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment is applied directly to the wood and doesn’t contain soil chemicals, your crew can keep right on working.

4) HUD’s change in policy provides alternatives to builders.

In January 1999, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) changed its 99A form to allow direct wood pre-treatment with Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment as a primary tool against termites in new home construction.

5) Research from an ongoing eight-year study proved that wood treated with Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment repelled termite attacks and prevented subterranean termites from tubing over wood. In tests, Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment was even proven effective against Formosan termites.

6) Treatments near water are no longer a concern. With soil treatments there was the concern of chemicals leaching into a nearby water source. When you pre-treat the wood, that’s ALL you treat.

7) A better pre-treatment: Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment is gaining widespread use with your environmentally conscious customers. Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment provides superior protection against virtually all wood destroying insects including subterranean termites, Formosan termites, carpenter ants, old house borers, and powder post beetles.

8) Toxicity is a rising concern among homeowners.

9) Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment is the only termiticide that has been evaluated for listing by the Southern Building Codes. In March 1999, the Southern Building Codes Congress International (SBCCI) evaluated and listed Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment as a termite pre-treatment product. Fischer’s Bora-Care® treatment is also the only termiticide evaluated by the Southern Building Codes Congress International (SBCCI) as a suitable alternative to soil treatments.

Leaky water lines, improper drainage, and even the landscaping process can break the soil termiticide barrier, rendering soil pre-treatments ineffective by the time the house is complete. With Fischer’s Bora-Care® Treatment, you’re treating the wood, and once again, a problem is eliminated.

Bora-Care® is a registered trademark of NISUS Corp. World wide leaders in wood protecting chemistry.

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