Subterranean Termites Control

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Residents along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Louisiana are well aware of the danger from termites, especially each spring as termite activity heightens. And while many people are familiar with termite swarms, the native subterranean termites that live underground do substantial damage each year to our local homes and businesses.

As one might expect from the name, subterranean termites make their homes underground. However, in some cases, they have been known to live in aboveground areas as long as those areas have enough moisture and enough seclusion. The termites live in colonies, which can grow to rather larger numbers. Some of the colonies for these pests have millions of termites in them, and the termites that live in the colony will fall into one of three different roles.

  • The Worker Termites: this type of subterranean termite is going to take care of all of the normal “work” that goes on for the colony. These termites are the ones that travel from the safety of the colony into your building in search of food that they will then bring back to the rest of the termites.
  • The Soldier Termites: these are the termites charged with defending the colony. Most of the time, they are going to defend from the possible incursion of other insects, which might want their location.
  • The Reproductive Termites: the reproductive termites are the only ones that have the capability of producing offspring. During the “Swarm”, these winged termites will leave their subterranean lair and take to the skies. They travel in search of mates so that they can then start their own colonies.

The termites will be able to travel to your home through the mud tubes that they build. These tubes, which lead from their underground colony to your home, can be quite long. Sometimes, the colony is more than a hundred yards from the home they are eating. The worker termites will utilize the tubes like roadways so that they can make it to your home while still feeling that they are safe, since they are underground.

They can even create tunnels that will travel along cracks that you might have in your concretes, so you cannot assume that having concrete, or some other type of barrier around the exterior of your home, is going to be able to stop the subterranean termites from getting to your property.

A Dangerous Species of Termite

The subterranean variety is the most destructive of the types of termites that could threaten your home. They are numerous, and they are common, which means that if you have a termite problem, chances are that you are dealing with this species. Because of the size of the colonies, they can do quite a bit of damage to the wood in your home, and unless you are actively looking for signs of termites, there is a chance that you might not even realize you have a problem until it is too late.

Take Precautions and Look for Signs

Vigilance is going to be a key factor in dealing with termites. Even before someone believes termites are invading the property, it is a good idea to look for signs. They should look for droppings, sawdust around baseboards and windows, sagging wood, and mud tubes around the property. By keeping watch, it could be possible to notice a termite issue before it becomes too costly. Repairs to a home damaged by these subterranean pests can be quite steep.

Contact the Termite Control Professionals Today

Those who find that they do have a termite problem, or any other type of pest problem for that matter, should get in touch with Fischer Environmental Services right away. The company is able to service Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Termite control via baiting, soil treatment, and even pretreatment of the wood for new construction homes is possible. Utilizing these types of treatments will help to ensure that subterranean termites never become a problem.